Daleville schools off to "great start"

“Coming together as a team” is what Daleville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Lisa Stamps credits for the fact that the first week of school had a “great start.”

“The administrators and staff have come together as a team, working together through all the challenges that we’ve had,” Stamps told those attending the Daleville Board of Education meeting Sept. 9.

Starting the new school year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging as educators face student bodies learning both via electronic devices and classrooms. “They have done an outstanding job in keeping our kids safe and putting them in a great learning environment,” she said.

The Daleville Board of Education has approved having an educator at each school tasked with being the technical adviser for assistance with technical, software and hardware issues for parents and guardians as students begin attending school via virtual classrooms. Roni Gilley, Maryann Littlejohn, Jacquelin Hines and Alicia Reynolds are the tech advisers for Daleville City Schools.

Daleville High School Principal Josh Robertson, Daleville Middle School Principal Chris Mitten and Windham Elementary School Principal Dr. Lynn Irwin each gave the board an update of the first week of school at their respective schools.

“Every one of these principals has stepped up to do whatever it takes to make this work,” Stamps told the board. “I can’t thank these principals and their staff enough because it has been a challenge.

“I appreciate our kids because they are doing what they are supposed to do, following the rules and wearing the masks,” she added. “I appreciate all of these people for doing what they are supposed to do to make things work for our kids—because the kids are our heart.”

DBOE President Steve Kirkland echoed Stamps’ remarks. “I’d like to thank all the administrators and staff, y’all have done an excellent job,” Kirkland said.

In other business the DBOE approved the resignations of Jamie Crook, speech pathologist; and Daleville Middle School math teacher Heather Brooks.

The DBOE also approved the hiring of bus drivers Sonda Morgan and Jenna Adaway and substitute bus driver Bobby Enfinger.

The next meeting of the Daleville City Schools Board of Education is Wednesday, Oct. 21, at 4:30 p.m. in the Daleville High School Cafeteria. The meeting is open to the public.

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