After Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announced that sports could restart and that school campuses could reopen beginning June 1, the Alabama High School Athletic Association has confirmed that member schools can begin summer workouts at that time.

Officially, summer workouts and practices for sports team could begin May 23 but school campuses will not be open until June 1. So, the AHSAA has set that date as the new start date – which had been expected to be June 8 previously – for summer workouts to begin.

“The AHSAA, its Central Board of Control, along with the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE), has updated its guidelines regarding summer activities,” AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese said. “The biggest change is our schools may re-open on June, a week earlier than the June 8 date previously discussed.

“We are elated to have a definite date for our coaches and student-athletes to return to their schools where they can continue to experience valuable educational lessons through athletics. Please keep checking our website for any changes and updates as we move forward.”

Schools and teams will need to follow health guidelines by the AHSAA and Alabama Department of Public Health. Coaches, athletes and personnel may be screened each day for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to participating in any workouts.

The AHSAA also deems that only school personnel, coaches, athletic trainers and student-athletes should be present during activities.

All summer activities should be done in a space large enough to accommodate 36 square feet per participant, including adults, and there must be one adult for every 12 players. Players and coaches should maintain a distance of six feet between each person “whenever possible” and if activities require closer than being six feet they should wear facial coverings.

Multi-sports athletes will be allowed to attend more than one workout per day as long as the athlete changes clothes before attending second or third workouts.

All surfaces in weight rooms should be sanitized thoroughly before groups arrive and once groups have left the area.

Summer team competitions – like 7-on-7 football tournaments, OTAs and basketball playdates – will still not be allowed by the AHSA.

“The AHSAA, its Central Board, Coaches Advisory Committees and Medical Advisory Board, in accordance with the (Alabama State Department of Education), all agree that not having summer competition – where schools face other schools – can help all reach the goal of everyone’s main mission,” AHSAA Communications Director Ron Ingram said. “Our mission this summer is to develop our student-athletes physically and safely, while maintaining a static environment, over the next seven weeks in order to begin fall practice on July 27 as scheduled. Not having the summer competition or team camps makes that goal more attainable.”

Daleville coach Desmond Lett said that DHS planned to begin summer workouts on June 8 but will attempt to begin on June 1 if possible. New Brockton coach Zack Holmes said that the Gamecocks will begin summer workouts June 8 and he will be holding parent meetings the week of June 1. Enterprise is currently scheduled to begin summer workouts June 8, as well.

To read the full list of AHSAA guidelines, visit https://www.ahsaa.com/Portals/0/Guidelines%20for%20return%20to%20athletics.pdf.

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