General Order No. 2 now in effect

Maj. Gen. David Francis, left, and Command Sgt. Maj. Brian Hauke give a COVID-19 pandemic update held via social media at the Army Aviation Museum on Fort Rucker.

General Order No. 1 has been rescinded.

General Order No. 2 has been implemented in its place.

At a status update delivered from the Army Aviation Museum on Fort Rucker via Facebook Live May 21, Maj. Gen. David Francis and Command Sgt. Maj. Brian Hauke outlined the fundamental rules of the updated order.

Francis and Hauke are the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Rucker Command General and Aviation Branch Command Sergeant Major, respectively.

The cases of COVID-19 in the area have decreased over the last week, Francis said, explaining the reason for the updated order. “We continue to evaluate these conditions daily and our decisions are based on directives from the Secretary of Defense and the Center for Disease Control.

“This situation continues to be very fluid and we are continually making adjustments to our control measures as conditions and directives dictate,” Francis explained.

“Our success to date has relied on the disciplined execution of directives,” said Hauke.

Some of the directives from the first order remain in the second general order. The first fundamental rule continues to be that any individual who feels sick or believes that they are exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or who believe that they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 will self-quarantine at their residence and contact their supervisor.

In General Order No. 2, military personnel are still prohibited from traveling outside of 50 miles straight line radius from Fort Rucker and access to the post remains limited to Department of Defense identification card holders, family members with identification cards, contractors with the necessary access cards, people with a Veterans Administration Health identification card and commercial delivery operators with an official bill of lading.

The social distancing requirements outlined in General Order No. 1 remain in place and face coverings for those on post are still required.

The restriction on visitors from outside 50 miles of Fort Rucker has been lifted in the new general order. “However, any visitors displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or who believe that they came in contact with someone with COVID-19 will be reported to the chain of command immediately,” according to the order.

Daily status updates on operations and services on Fort Rucker are available on the post’s website and social media page.

“Thank you all for your support and diligence in this COVID-19 fight,” Francis said. “We will not be under these restrictions indefinitely but we can get through this sooner if we all do our part.”

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