Just before the Enterprise High School tennis team played its inaugural matches at the brand new tennis complex on campus on Tuesday, Feb. 18, the school held a dedication for the complex in honor of longtime Enterprise resident L.H Sessions.

Sessions was the founder of Sessions Company – and was a member of the Enterprise Board of Education for more than 20 years – and his family donated the land needed to complete the tennis complex on campus. As a result, EHS formally named the eight-court tennis complex the L.H. Sessions Memorial Tennis Complex.

“On behalf of our school board I want to thank the Sessions Company and family for the generous donation of property that allowed us to build this beautiful complex,” Enterprise superintendent Greg Faught said at the dedication. “I can’t help to think – even though I never got to meet him – that Mr. L.H. Sessions would be very proud of what’s going on here today; to see his family and his family business still thriving after all these years and giving back to the community he once lived in.”

Sessions Company President, and L.H. Sessions’ grandson, Bill Ventress echoed Faught’s sentiments about his grandfather.

“My grandfather was a member of the school board for 24 years and he was very much in favor of progress and education in Enterprise,” he said. “He would be very proud of that this is going on here today, and we’re just proud to be able to participate in honor of his legacy of so many years.

“We appreciate the school system doing this and glad we’re able to participate with them.”

A number of Sessions family members and employees were on hand for the ceremony and Mo Sessions and Dan Ventress even made the inaugural serves on the complex just before Enterprise faced off against Providence Christian in the first matches played at the facility.

“It’s a tremendous event for us to pay homage and thank the Sessions Company and family for helping us out with the property to allow us to build the tennis facility our students deserve,” EHS Principal Brent Harrison said. “If you look at what the family has done for this community and their involvement in the school system over the years it says a lot. We’ve very thankful to have such a family as the Sessions in this community.”

Enterprise players and coaches were excited to finally get a chance to play on the courts after the originally scheduled home opener against Houston Academy was canceled last week due to weather.

“We’re so excited about it,” Lady Cat coach Mary Jordan said of finally getting a home match. “The kids have been chomping at the bit to actually be out here and have a match finally. You always play just a little bit better when you play on your own court.”

Wildcat coach Robyn Carr said that the L.H. Sessions Memorial Complex felt like home.

“It’s huge for us,” she said of having tennis courts on campus. “It’s awesome. It just feels more like home. This is ours and we can be proud of it. Just to be able to call it home is so great.”

The eight-court complex is the biggest in the state and Harrison believes that will benefit not just the school but the city as a whole.

“Having eight courts is not what you commonly see across the state,” Harrison said. “Having this many courts and a facility like this will open up a lot of things for us here, and hopefully hold things like sectionals and other tournaments that will bring in more people here at EHS but also staying here in town, as well.”

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