Maj. Gen. David Francis

Maj. Gen. David Francis

The Fort Rucker workforce will return and the elementary school will open.

Those are two of the key points in General Order No. 6 issued Sept. 15 by United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Rucker Command General Maj. Gen. David J. Francis.

Francis issued General Order No. 6 in response to decreasing COVID-19 cases on Fort Rucker and in the local area, he said.

In a live post on the USAACE and Fort Rucker Facebook Page, Francis thanked the military community for their “continued sacrifice, resiliency and cooperation in supporting and adhering to the guidelines that have been instrumental in keeping the Fort Rucker community safe.”

“People are our No. 1 priority and people are our greatest strength,” Francis said, reiterating that the top priorities remain protection of people, the military mission and the local community.

Noting that the COVID-19 pandemic cases in the areas surrounding the Home of Army Aviation have seen “an overall downward trajectory and the COVID cases on Fort Rucker have also significantly declined,” Francis said that he was extending the local travel restriction for military personnel from a 100-mile straight-line distance of Fort Rucker to a 150-mile straight-line distance of the post.

Francis said the Fort Rucker workforce that has been “teleworking” will return to work on post Sept. 29. “This decision does not mean that we are no longer at risk for COVID-19 at Fort Rucker but that the case rate in the local area has been on steady decline and that we’ve learned how to safely operate and work in this environment,” he said.

The Department of Defense Education Activity elementary school on post is expected to reopen to students Oct. 1, Francis said. “DODEA has a detailed plan to mitigate COVID-19 and to respond if there is a case of COVID-19 in the school. Detailed procedures will be communicated to the parents in the next two weeks as they prepare to open.”

Francis said the new general order authorizes personnel to attend the movie theater on post and dine in doors or outdoors at restaurants on Fort Rucker.

Francis said indoor and outdoor dining at off post restaurants remains prohibited for military personnel.

“All other previously prohibited establishments remain in effect,” Francis said. “And we encourage our and civilians contractors to do the same.”

“Team, we are in this together and our adherence to the procedures laid out in General Order No. 6 are critical for us to continue to adjust our control measures,” Francis said. “I know we can do it and we’re counting on each of you to do the right thing.

“This pandemic has been a trying time for our nation and us as a community,” he added. “So I’d like to ask that we look out for each other and be there for each other as we move forward as a community. Thanks for all you are doing.”

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