WES working on grant, board approves personnel changes

During the Daleville Board of Education’s regular meeting on Wednesday, May 15, Windham Elementary School Principal Chris Mitten announced the school was applying for an after school program grant with a city department.

During his administrative reports, Mitten said WES is applying for a 21st Century Grant in collaboration with the Daleville Parks and Recreation Department.

“(Parks and Recreation Department Director Brook Beasley) and I met, and they’ve already got an afterschool program,” he said. “That’s something that we used to have with our action program, so we’re going to collaborate as community partners to apply for that grant. Of course, there’s no guarantee, but it’s something that would be great for our students and great for our community.”

Mitten also announced the 2019-20 WES Open House is already scheduled for Aug. 1 for parents and students to find their classrooms and meet with teachers.

In other business, the board approved allowing the system’s Child Nutrition Programs to once again take part in the Summer Feeding Program at Daleville High School from June 3 through July 25.

The board also approved the following personnel actions:

Non-renewal of emergency hires:

Kayla James, special education teacher at WES;

Adrienne White, kindergarten teacher at WES;

Kimberly Williams, fifth grade teacher at WES;


Richard Austin, JROTC instructor at DHS;


Kayla James, special education teacher at WES;

Kimberly Williams, fifth grade teacher at WES;

New Hires:

Jana Foxworth, teacher at WES;

Carley Simmons, teacher at WES;

Olivia Laaker, teacher at WES;

Sheryl Swindell, teacher at WES;

Sally Sutley, counselor;

Alyssa Cary, speech language pathologist;


Trey Woolf, head football coach/P.E. teacher;

Brien Sullivan, history teacher;

Coach Assignment:

Desmond Lett, interim head football coach, effective May 16; and,


Ken Shoemake, STIPD manager (related to professional development) at $35 per hour with an annual maximum of $600.

During personnel actions, the board also initially approved tenure recommendations from Superintendent Dr. Diane Flournoy, but following an executive session, board member Angelia Filmore made a motion to reconsider the tenure recommendations, which was seconded by board member Ricky McLin. The board then voted to omit the recommendations from the list of personnel actions.

Flournoy also recommended the board approve the transfer of second grade teacher Lynn Irwin to the assistant principal position at WES. Board member Barbara Davis made a motion, but it died for lack of a second.

The board also voted for Steve Kirkland to serve as board chairman for the next year and Davis to serve as the board’s vice chairman.

The next regular board meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 12, at 4:30 p.m. at the central office.

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