Stayton, Thompson win

Incumbent Daleville Mayor Jayme Stayton and Level Plains Councilman Ronnie Thompson have been elected mayor of Daleville and Level Plains, respectively.

Stayton garnered 614 votes over challenger Charles Wigglesworth’s 225 votes to win a second term as mayor of Daleville.

For Daleville City Council, the winners are Kevin Turley with 507 votes, Jo Reese with 426 votes, Katheryne Magwood Horace with 386 votes, Jimmy Monk with 360 votes and Alan Souders with 330 votes.

In Level Plains, Thompson is the apparent winner of the mayoral race with 159 votes to J.R. Cambron’s 61 votes. The absentee votes are not included in these totals. Thompson will fill the seat being vacated by Level Plains Mayor Bruce Grantham, who opted not to run for election again.

LEVEL PLAINS VOTES. The results of the in-person voting by machine was posted for today's municipal elections. A total of 224 people turned out to vote in person. The provisional ballots and the absentee ballots are still pending count and being added to the totals. Final certification and acceptance of the results will be held on September 1 at 12 pm in a special call meeting of the city council at the community center. The newly elected officials will be sworn in on Monday, Nov. 1 at 6 pm. Here are the tentative results, not including votes from provisional and absentee ballots.
For mayor
Ronnie Thompson 159
James R. Cambron 61
For city council
District 1
Gary McDaniel 109
Peter Willingham 101
District 2
Thomas Bury 104
James Maxey 53
Frank Carbone 52
District 3 
Melinda Achman 129
Jordan Despres 85
District 4 
Phil Waters 126
Randall Graham 91
District 5 
Gregory Eldridge 119
James Bullinger 97

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