WEDC receives state military grant

Alabama Military Stability Foundation board member John Mitchell, left, presents a $40,000 grant to Wiregrass Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Jonathan Tullos.

The Wiregrass Economic Development Corporation has been awarded a $40,000 grant from the Alabama Military Stability Foundation to continue work on projects that will support and strengthen the mission of Fort Rucker and the surrounding communities.

The purpose of the Wiregrass Economic Development Corporation is to foster and encourage responsible, economic development activities that result in job creation, retention, increased tax base and an improved sustainability and quality of life for the citizens of Coffee and Geneva Counties and the City of Daleville.

Citing a need for information to support Alabama’s federal and state elected officials as they make decisions that will impact Fort Rucker, WEDC Executive Director Jonathan Tullos said, “Fort Rucker’s economic impact on the Wiregrass region exceeds $2 billion. Having accurate information for our stakeholders at the local state and federal level, ensures that we are prepared to understand and support the installation’s needs now and into the future.”

“I would like to thank Lt. Gov. Ainsworth, who chairs the Military Stability Commission, and the Foundation for their continued support of the military in Alabama and recognizing the impact that these service members have on our state,” Tullos added.

“The Military Stability Foundation is pleased to support this vital effort to protect and grow Fort Rucker’s presence and impact on the region and the state of Alabama,” said Alabama Military Stability Foundation board member John Mitchell. “This type of effort is fundamental to our mission as a Foundation in support of Lt. Gov. Ainsworth and the Military Stability Commission.”

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