Dual enrollment opportunities available at ESCC

High school students who hope to get an early start on their college education can register for dual enrollment courses at Enterprise State Community College.

According to Ann Kelley, instructional resources and community education director at ESCC, said parents should consider letting their students sign up for dual enrollment college courses.

"My big thing is, registration is starting at the high schools," she said. "I want parents to consider, just think about the dual enrollment and the advantages of the dual enrollment classes. Go ahead and fill out your dual enrollment application packet because (the students) have to have that packet to register for a dual-enrollment class."

Kelley said that filling out an application would allow students to be able to enroll in dual enrollment courses, though filling out the packet does not require a student to take any courses.

"You don't have to take it, but if you don't have a packet filled out, you're not going to be able to take a class. It doesn't lock you in," she said.

Dual enrollment courses cost the same as a college course at ESCC, but the price is reasonable compared to courses at four-year institutions, Kelley said.

"A parent paying while (a student) is in high school, it's still a significant discount," she said. "If you know you're child is going to transfer off and they're not going to come to a two-year school, why not take advantage of dual enrollment classes?"

She also said the college credit that students receive for the dual enrollment course is transferable to other universities and junior colleges and also counts toward high school course credit.

"What is a major perk, and is a little different from AP, you don't get tested at the end of the (semester)," she said. "You don't take a class and at the of the (semester), have to hope that you pass with a certain grade or have to get a certain score."

The deadline to complete application packets for the dual enrollment program is May 1. Kelley said students who will be going into the 10th, 11th and 12th grades next school year are eligible to take dual enrollment courses.

"They need to go to their counselor, fill out their dual-enrollment application packet, and get it back to their counselor," she said. "They do not need to apply online."

For more information about dual enrollment, Kelley said students or parents should contact their high school counselor or contact ESCC's Dual Enrollment Office at (334) 347-2623 ext. 2208. The office can also be reached at dualenrollment@escc.edu.

"Dual enrollment is a wonderful opportunity for students who are ready to take that next step in their education," Kelley said.

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