Layne Motley

Layne Motley and the rest of the New Brockton Lady Gamecocks continue to improve as the 2017 season rolls on.

After a win over Geneva County on Sept. 5, the New Brockton Lady Gamecocks’ volleyball team took part in Kinston’s Amelia Rhoades Set-Off Tournament this past weekend.

The Lady Gamecocks fell to Opp 2-0, Straughn 2-0 and finally Rehobeth 2-1 in the tournament, which was ultimately won by Opp.

“We played fairly well,” New Brockton coach Lacy Ward said of the tournament. “I was pleased with how we did in the tournament in Kinston. There were a lot of positives and a lot of things we greatly improved on. I’m pleased with our level of play right now.”

Ward said that she’s most proud that her team is playing as a unit.

“I don’t really have one person that stands out above the rest,” she said. “It’s a team effort and if we don’t have everybody playing together, we won’t succeed. We don’t have one person that’s better than the other person. Everybody is in it together and it’s a team effort.”

Ward said her team has to keep improving and playing their game moving forward.

“We have to stick to our game plan and play our defense like we’re supposed to play,” Ward said. “I feel pretty confident about our team.”

While she’s pleased with the improvements in the early season, Ward also knows her Lady Gamecocks have room to improve.

“We have to keep working on blocking and serving,” she said. “We still really struggle in those two areas.”

The Lady Gamecocks will travel to Zion Chapel next Thursday before hosting Geneva County for a rematch on Sept. 25.

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