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Below is the form for your engagement announcement. We have a separate form for your wedding article. Announcements should be submitted not less than one month before the wedding and not more than three months. Two months is the ideal time frame for submitting an engagement announcement because it allows the newspaper ample time to work it in as available space allows.Only the couple or living parents may announce the engagement. It is traditional for the bride’s parents to announce her engagement. Since a late parent cannot announce the engagement, the surviving parent should make the announcement with the deceased parent’s name listed with the grandparents. It is not customary for children to announce the engagement of a parent.The announcements are published free of charge in our standard style and form. However, if you would prefer a different style with information not included in the standard form, you may purchase space for the announcement by contacting our advertising department. Another note you might want to consider as you plan for your wedding photographs and your wedding announcement. Wedding announcements are not accepted free of charge more than four months after the wedding. Most newspapers have a cut-off date for accepting wedding announcements, so you will want to arrange to have your photographs available before the cut-off dates of the newspapers in which you want your wedding announcement to be published.

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