“The City of Progress is still progressing,” said Enterprise Mayor William “Bill” Cooper as he stood before the state-of-the-art terminal building at the Enterprise Municipal Airport March 11. “And we are not going to just stop at this.”

Cooper was among those cutting the ceremonial ribbon for the 3,000 square foot facility which will replace the existing 40 year old structure. “We are going to try to acquire more land to extend our runway,” he said. “We want to be clear to the FAA, we are still striving to do our best.”

The new terminal features a lounge area, a conference room, a kitchen and the latest in airport operations technology. “We are here to celebrate the completion of this project which is a great addition,” said Enterprise Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Erin Grantham. “It brings a lot of new opportunities to the City of Progress.”

“A year ago we sat at the bottom of that hill with our shovels in hand and here we are today opening this beautiful facility,” said Enterprise Interim Director of Engineering Services Staci Hayes with a smile as she surveyed the group of city officials and chamber of commerce officials, aviation community leaders and beauty queens gathered for the official opening.

Noting that she had never been involved in a construction project in the midst of a national pandemic, Hayes thanked Alabama Department of Transportation Aeronautics Bureau Chief Frank Farmer for his support of the project. “They are the ones responsible for the grant money to make this vision a reality,” she said. The airport project was 90 percent federally funded, 5 percent state funded and the city matching 5 percent.

Luke Flowers from the FAA coordinated with neighboring Fort Rucker in regard to the the placement of this building. “Without our friends and neighbors at Fort Rucker this would have been impossible. We thank you for your support in our aviation community. It is very valued.

Hayes called the department of engineering staff “pivotal” in making the project a success and thanked all the city departments for their support of the project.

Hayes thanked Chad Beasley of Beasley Construction and Joei Vogt and Chad Brown of J. Michael Lee Architects. She also thanked “my Barge Boys” Michael Cole, Barry Mott, David Herrell and Keith Shippey of Barge Design.

“Arista is wonderful for this community,” Hayes said, thanking the aviation contractor located at the municipal airport for their support during the construction. “This airport is vital for the economic development and growth of our city—and we are a city of progress.”

“One thing we look at is the community support for the airport and we saw that the community has always supported the airport and they have plans for future development,” said Farmer. “I think it’s a beautiful facility that will serve the community well.

“It was an honor to be part of the project,” Farmer added. “I’ve heard it said that the airport is the front door to a community; this is a beautiful front door.”

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