A newly built sign stands outside of the Enterprise Career and Technology Center on College Street, and it was made by students.

Masonry students at ECTC banded together to put their classes to the test and made the sign.

Masonry student Syless Wilson talked about the creation process of the sign.

“First we had to start with the foundation,” Wilson said. “Basically, we built the pillars up out of block and brick. We used Type S mortar for that. Then we had to get the middle part.

“Basically, we laid stretchers across (the middle) then put rowlock across the top and we left a little gap between the pillars on the sign. Then once we got the sign set down, we started putting the top—more rowlock on top.”

There was some hesitation about the group taking on the project at first, according to masonry student Yahaira Vazquez.

“At first we didn’t think that we’d be able to do this,” Vazquez said. “We didn’t think it would look as good as it turned it out. So we can do anything that we put our mind to.”

With the sign completed, masonry student Herminio Mendoza said it feels nice to do something for the city and school.

“It feels pretty good,” Mendoza said. “I grew up here so knowing that I did something for the place where I grew up is pretty neat—just knowing that it’s going to here a while is pretty awesome.”

The student in charge of the mortar for the project, Jamez Grubbs, said that experience and class have taught him a lot.

“I have built my own fire pit at my house from learning about this and how to build and make mortar,” Grubbs said. “I’ve learned a lot of stuff from this. Like having a home, knowing you took masonry you can do your own stuff, you know?”

The sign all-in-all took about 12 hours, according to masonry teacher Mickey German.

He said that he hopes the masonry class and seeing projects students have done will lead to more parent support for trade classes and schools.

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