Council OKs updated software for EPD

“The addition of both of these pieces of software will allow us to become more data-driven in the decisions we make and figuring out where we have issues,” said Enterprise City Council President Turner Townsend.

His comments were in reference to new software upgrades that the Enterprise City Council approved on the recommendation of Enterprise Police Chief Michael Moore at the council meeting July 6.

“This will enhance our ability to qualify and quantify our work,” Moore said in making a request to the council for the purchase of Benchmark Analytics and InTime Services.

The total cost of Benchmark Analytics is $9,150 annually for a three-year period for licensing, management, training and technical support of the software enabled program which assists with the tracking of various data associated with the Enterprise Police Department.

“The state is moving towards ensuring that the municipal police department become certified through an approval process,” Moore said. “Benchmark has a program built in that makes sure that every piece of information is in one place with a usable platform.”

In May, the city council approved the purchase of Lexipol, a program that aids in the preparation of policy, guidelines and orders for the department. That was the first step in the accreditation process Moore explained. “Benchmark Analytics is the second step.

“The second part is making sure that we can track certain information that we need,” Moore said. “Benchmark Analytics actually has a program built in that makes sure that every piece of information is in one certain place.”

Moore said that in the event that police departments become required to start tracking demographic information during traffic stops, the program is also designed to keep track of. “It mirrors off of our system that we already have, our CAD system, and it takes information from that and puts it into a usable and easy platform,” he said.

The council also authorized Moore to enter into an agreement with InTime Services for workforce management software, hosting and technical support in the amount of $10,455. The agreement is for a term of one year with options to renew the agreement for additional one-year periods at an annual cost of $7,680.

“This program works at managing the shift details,” Moore said, citing personnel overtime and eligibility for awards and decorations. “I know what a great department I have and I want to be able to show that. I can show it to you now, but I’d have to pull every single file. This will show it by numbers.”

The next meeting of the Enterprise City Council is Aug. 3 at Enterprise City Hall. A work session begins at 5 p.m. A voting meeting begins at 6 p.m. Both meetings are open to the public.

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