Boykins, Newman appointed to EBOE

Two appointments to the Enterprise Board of Education are among four appointments made by the Enterprise City Council at the meeting April 20.

Jennifer Boykins was unanimously appointed to fill the EBOE Seat 1 for a five-year term which begins at the next regular meeting of the board in June. Boykins fills the seat being vacated by Robert “Bob” Doerer, who has completed a five year term.

Dr. Joan Newman was unanimously appointed to fill the unexpired term of EBOE Seat 2 member Reid Clark, who stepped down from the board because of family matters. Newman’s term will end on May 31, 2022.

Appointed to a six-year term on the Enterprise Municipal Airport Authority is Gwendolyn Gilley. Gilley is appointed to fill Seat 1 for a term beginning July1 and ending June 30, 2027.

Rozalyn Miller was appointed to Seat 1 on the South Central Alabama Mental Health Board for a six-year term beginning July 1 and ending June 30.

In unrelated business the council approved a request to amend the engineering budget to include the $19,767 annual salary for a full time custodian in lieu of retaining the services of an independent cleaning service. The council also approved the request from the engineering department to terminate the Cleanway Custodial Services contract, with notice being given on June 1 and the contract ending on July 31.

The council also decided that a committee comprised of Councilmen Eugene Goolsby and Scotty Johnson and representatives from the chamber of commerce, the tourism team and downtown merchants should review the issue of holding the annual Christmas parade downtown on a Friday night as opposed to the traditional Tuesday night on which it has previously been held.

At issue is the fact that the council previously approved a Friday date for street closures for the parade and some of the downtown businesses have since that time expressed the concern that having the Christmas Parade on a Friday would be detrimental to their business.

“Basically the mayor’s office has received several phone calls and visits from interested parties, downtown business owners in particular, who feel that the decision to have the parade on Friday could potentially negatively impact their businesses,” Enterprise City Administrator Jonathan Tullos told the council. “We’ve also had conversations with several people who made the decision to move the parade to a Friday night and they certainly have valid reasons as well.”

Enterprise City Council President Turner Townsend explained that the decision when to hold the parade was not the council’s to make. The council’s only role was to approve or disapprove city street closures on the recommended date presented to them, he said.

Goolsby said that his understanding was that the decision to change the parade to a Friday night was made without asking the downtown business owners. “Most of them say they were never asked,” he said. “I see how it affects them. I understand their reasoning.”

“I have been on the (Christmas Parade) committee over 10 years,” said Johnson. “We were approached by the people having ‘Whoville’—the theme of the Christmas decorations downtown— who wanted to bring people in to downtown on a Friday and a Saturday,” Johnson said. “There are 52 Fridays in the year. This is one Friday. We’ve never tried it on a Friday. We’ve had (the parade) on Saturday a couple of times but never on a Friday, so there is no data there that would show that it would or wouldn’t work.”

Johnson said that representatives from the city, the tourism team and downtown merchants had been the decision makers regarding a date change. “Anyone who wants to be part of the committee is welcome, it actually takes a village to get this thing going. We start in September. It was the committee that made the decision so that’s who we need to approach to change it back. I’d like to keep it on Friday.”

A committee recommendation on the issue will be brought back to the council.

The next meeting of the Enterprise City Council is May 3 in the council chambers at Enterprise City Hall. A work session begins at 5 p.m. and a voting meeting begins at 6 p.m. Both meetings are open to the public.

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