DBOE receives good audit report

Carr Riggs and Ingram Certified Public Accountant Brian Free

The Daleville City Schools are in good financial shape, the board of education was told at the Aug. 18 meeting.

“The highest level of assurance auditors can give an auditee is an unqualified opinion,” Carr Riggs and Ingram Auditor Brian Free told the Daleville Board of Education. “And we issued an unqualified opinion here. We have no findings noted.”

Free thanked Daleville City Schools Chief Financial Officer Jessica Anderson and her staff for coordinating so well with the auditor. “They do a great job for you. We also commend the Child Nutrition Program staff for their work with the auditor.”

Free said that because the DBOE is a governmental entity, governmental auditing standards apply. “Those standards require us to do two things over and above the generally accepted auditing standards. One is we have to look at internal control and financial reporting and consider that in how we design our audit procedures,” Free said. “And under internal controls we had no findings or deficiencies in that area or in the area of compliance.”

Free noted that the school system’s total assets at the end of Oct. 30, 2020 were $3.1 million. “And we had $1.9 million in fund balance, $800,000 of that is unrestricted and unassigned and available for current expenditure,” he explained.

Free said that the $12.2 million total revenue for the year was approximately a $1.2 million increase over the year before. “And most of that increase was in state and federal funding and some of that was instigated by COVID.

“Our net change in fund balance was a positive $600,000, which is a good result,” he told the board.

DBOE Board President Angelia Filmore thanked Anderson for her efforts in the schools’ good audit report. “Jessica, a lot reflects on you,” she said.

In unrelated business, DBOE member Johnny Buchanan told the board that at the previous DBOE meeting he had voted to authorize the superintendent to place the annual Impact Aid applications on the schools’ website but had since changed his mind.

Impact Aid, designed to assist local school districts that have lost property tax revenue due to the presence of tax-exempt federal property or that have experienced increased expenditures due to the enrollment of federally connected children, is given to a school depending on the number of completed applications from federally connected students. In order to be eligible for Impact Aid payments, a school district must have an enrollment of at least 400 federally connected students or the number of those children must be at least 3 percent of the average daily attendance.

At the August DBOE meeting the board had approved DCS Superintendent Dr. Lisa Stamps’ recommendation to forgo the use of paper applications being sent home with students for their parent to fill out and instead put the Impact Aid application online.

“At the last meeting I voted for someone else to do our applications for Impact Aid. After reconsidering it, I don’t see a way it can work,” Buchannan said, adding that he would like to go on record as saying that he thinks paper applications are a better method. “I know it is tough. You give the application to the kids and then they lose it or the dog chews it up or this and the other,” he said. “I think several of us sitting around this table have witnessed $277,000 short fall several years back and I just don’t want to do anything that will limit our funds. That has concerned me. I want to make sure that we do the paper work and do whatever it takes to get the the Impact Aid money for us.”

The next meeting of the Daleville Board of Education is Sept. 15 at 4:30 p.m. at the schools’ central office. The meeting is open to the public.

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