Dauphin Junior High defensive coordinator Brendan Dow has been named the school’s new head football coach.

Less than two months after hiring a new head football coach, Dauphin Junior High has promoted defensive coordinator Brendan Dow as its new head coach.

Kris Rainey – an Enterprise High graduate – was named DJHS head coach on March 19 after longtime Fins coach Marc Sieving took over at Elba earlier this year.

Rainey resigned from DJHS on May 12 and was unavailable for comment following his resignation.

In his place will be Dow, a former DJHS assistant coach under Sieving and an alumnus of DJHS and EHS.

“This is awesome,” Dow said of taking over at Dauphin. “It’s something that I never thought I would be doing over here because I was playing here at one point. It’s really a happy moment for me to be in this position and I feel very fortunate.”

Dow said that he understands he has a lot to live up to following the success that Sieving had with the Fins.

“Frankly it’s big shoes to fill with the success Marc has had over here,” Dow continued. “It was interesting to have a close relationship with him and he kind of mentored me and last year made me the defensive coordinator and felt like he could kind of let go and took off the reins on me a little bit.”

Dow said that Sieving has been extremely helpful to him since being named DJHS head coach.

“He was over here today and I’m speaking with him on the phone all the time,” Dow said. “He’s been willing to help me in any way he can and I’m very appreciative of that.”

With the familiarity that players have with Dow, he feels like that will be a positive with the transition.

“I already have a great relationship with the staff here and I’m familiar with all the kids and have coached all the kids here,” Dow said. “That was definitely a big plus. I already know their strengths and weaknesses to be able to fit the puzzle pieces together.”

Dow said that while there are still a few months before football season gets here, he’s ready to go now.

“Man, I want to start today,” he excitedly said. “I wish we could (start today). I’m here looking at this field right now wishing we could be on it. I’m definitely ready to go.”

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