On July 21, Enterprise High School swimmer Adriana Hallbert traveled to Huntsville to compete in the 2019 Southeastern Swimming Championship.

Hallbert – who is also a member of the Wiregrass Aquatics Club – faced off against some of the best swimmers from across the Southeast at the meet and made herself and her team proud with a solid performance.

“This meet is so very competitive and a huge achievement just to qualify to go,” Wiregrass Aquatics coach Nicole Lively said. “We are so proud that she not only went to the meet, but was able to rise to the challenge and make some (of her) best times.”

Hallbert set personal records in two of her three events. She placed 28th overall in the 200-meter individual medley with a personal best time of 2:54.36 as well as placing 30th in the 50-meter freestyle with a personal best time of 32.34. She also finished 48th in the 50-meter backstroke with a time of 38.52.

“The feeling of just being there and seeing my friends was amazing,” Hallbert said. “In the race portion a wave of adrenaline carried me through the water.”

Along with setting personal records, Hallbert said competing against the best had other positives for her swim career.

“I was glad to see where I stood in swimming,” she continued. “I think it was a great opportunity for me to see what I should fix and to see how competitive the sport really is.”

Despite being just 12 years old, Hallbert will be competing on the EHS swim team next season and is looking forward to the challenge of high school swimming in the State of Alabama.

“I’m hoping to keep moving forward and working hard and we’ll see where it takes me,” Hallbert said. “There are an amazing amount of opportunities for young people in swimming. Getting our own pool (at the high school) would really help support our team, though.”

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