The Enterprise High School basketball program held its annual youth camp on Monday, June 17, with 59 girls and boys attending.

Members of both the Enterprise Wildcats and Lady Cats teams attended the camp as well to help the coaching staffs teach the youth campers.

“I’m really excited (about the turnout),” Enterprise coach Rhett Harrelson said. “The kids are out there moving around with smiles on their faces, listening and having fun. Hopefully they can learn something, meet some new friends and have a good time playing basketball.”

Harrelson said that it’s important to instill a love for basketball in younger children in the community as well as get them excited about Enterprise basketball.

“I think it’s important to get them excited about the game at an early age and looking over at two kids right now wearing Enterprise jersey’s, that’s awesome,” Harrelson said pointing out two campers wearing EHS replica jerseys. “We want to get them excited about basketball but also show them what we’ve been doing here at EHS. It’s also important to teach them some of the fundamental skills that maybe they haven’t learned yet at a young age. Hopefully they’ll pick something up and enjoy it, too.”

The camp is also a chance for his players to see things from a coaching standpoint.

“It’s a lot different on the other side of things when you’re instructing and having to tell someone how to do it,” Harrelson said. “I think it’s good for them to see things like that and get some benefit from that.”

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