New Brockton defensive end Josh Cardwell (12) drags down Providence Christian’s quarterback last week.

The New Brockton Gamecocks (0-1) will hit the road for the first time this season as they face off against the Class 1A No. 4-ranked Brantley Bulldogs (0-0) at David Lowery Stadium on Friday, Aug. 30.

New Brockton is coming off of a disappointing 42-13 loss to Providence Christian to open the season, while this is Brantley’s season opener.

The Bulldogs return a veteran-laden team this season that features a big, physical offensive line that is looking to add to Brantley’s storied football tradition this season.

“Brantley has some really good players,” New Brockton coach Zack Holmes said. “There is a reason that Brantley football is known for being so good. I expect to see a really good opponent that plays football the right way, and one that is coming out there to get after it. Brantley is a tough place to play.”

Holmes said that the key for his Gamecocks would be in the preparation leading up to the game.

“Our intensity level went up in the game (last week) but that caused a lack of execution in some phases,” Holmes said. “The key is that we have to have better, more intense preparation as we prepare this week, so that our timing can be better on offense.

“Defensively, we have to play every play consistently. I felt like defensively (against Providence Christian) we would get a big play and then we would take some plays off.”

Holmes compared execution on the football field to diamond mining.

“I told the kids when you’re not executing well it’s like mining for diamonds,” Holmes continued. “You end up spending a lot of time digging and finding a diamond here and there but a lot more dirt. That’s kind of how it was for us Friday night and that’s all about execution.”

Holmes said that the proper preparation during the week will contribute to the proper execution on Friday.

“We have to be better Monday through Thursday to give ourselves a chance to win the game,” Holmes emphasized. “Every single play has to be consistent for you to be able to execute. By preparing better it will allow us to do that and execute better and have a chance to win the game.”

The Gamecocks will play Brantley at 7 p.m. from Brantley’s David Lowery Stadium.

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