Enterprise State Community College freshman softball player Tori Louise Watts signed a letter-of-intent on Nov. 10 to continue her softball career at Huntingdon College in Montgomery.

Watts will play her freshman year at ESCC this spring before transferring to Huntingdon. ESCC softball coach Traci Harrison said that she could see early on that Watts would be a college player.

“I saw Tori when she was 14 years old and at 14 years old she had all the athletic ability in the world but she was a lost puppy on the field,” Harrison said. “I told myself that I would keep up with her along the years. I could see she had the ability to play college ball.

“I lost contact with Tori over the years but about two years ago we had our first softball prospect camp here and 150 girls showed up. Tori was one of those girls that showed up and from that day forward I stayed in contact with her and made sure I could get her on a recruiting visit. We brought her here on a visit and within a few days she had already committed.”

Harrison said that Watts has been sure of herself from before even coming to ESCC and knew where she wanted to go to school eventually.

“She already had high goals for herself when she got here,” Harrison said. “She already knew where she wanted to go after Enterprise. We’re very thankful to have Tori for the spring semester. We hate to lose her in the spring but this is what our program is about. Tori is the first 2021 player to sign to a four-year college but she won’t be the last.”

Watts – a Freeport, Fla. native – said that she’s known shes wanted to go to Huntingdon since she was a child.

“The school is a great school and they have the program I want to go into. When I met Coach Casey (Chrietzberg) I knew right away I would fit in and she was the type of coach I would really get along with and be able to strive in her program,” Watts said. “I had a family member (at Huntingdon) that twirled there that I would visit when I was younger.

“I would go to football games and the campus was just so beautiful and I have family in Montgomery. I thought it would be a great place for me.”

Before Watts heads off to Huntingdon she still has business to take care of with the Lady Weevils.

“I want to keep a high batting average and a high on-base percentage and I just want to do the best I can do on the field for the team wherever they put me,” Watts said of her upcoming season at ESCC. “The biggest thing for me is getting on base and scoring.”

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