Enterprise State Community College’s Lolley Gym was the hosting site for this past weekend’s Southeast Boys Top 100 Basketball Showcase event, giving high school basketball players the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of college scouts.

The event is sponsored and hosted by Kevin Thornton and his Icons Sport organization. Icons Sport is a company that provides exposure for high school athletes in an attempt to get those athletes college scholarships.

More than 100 high school basketball players from all over the state ventured to ESCC for the showcase in front of a number of college scouts and coaches.

Players from as far away as Birmingham and Huntsville competed at the camp, and a busload of players from Elmore County even attended.

Coaches and scouts from ESCC, Snead State, Wallace-Selma, Wallace-Dothan and Chattahoochee Valley Community College were in attendance at the event, as well.

“Coach (Jermaine) Williams and his staff offered the facility to us,” Thornton said. “We were originally scheduled to be at G.W. Long but with him opening it up to us you just can’t turn down a college facility.”

At many college showcase events, players typically face off against one another in simple team competitions, but at Icons Sport’s showcases Thornton wants to teach as much as he wants to showcase the talent of each player.

“It’s always a teaching moment in basketball,” Thornton said. “A lot of people just roll the balls out and tell them to play (at showcases), which is why the kids don’t learn anything. It’s about getting these kids seen but we also want to teach.”

Thornton said that it’s important to him to bring events like this to the Wiregrass area because he doesn’t believe many athletes in the region even know they exist yet.

“It’s really about bringing awareness that these camps even exist,” he emphasized. “This will probably be the future of AAU Basketball, breaking down into camp settings rather than just playing games over time.

“USA Basketball is gradually making the effort and they’re doing their own Top 100 camp next week. We’re trying to get the kids ready for those types of settings, too.”

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