Former New Brockton star Dalton Adkison is transferring from Alabama to Troy.

Former New Brockton football star Dalton Adkison is coming home as he confirmed to The Sun that he will be transferring from the University of Alabama to Troy.

After a stellar football career at New Brockton Adkison signed a preferred walk-on offer from Alabama and spent his freshman season in 2018 there bouncing between quarterback and receiver during the year.

“I’ve enjoyed my time up here and experienced some great things and met some great people,” Adkison said. “I’ll always be thankful for the University of Alabama and the opportunity I’ve had here. I’ve been able to develop so much but right now I think it’s best for me – as a player – to come back to Troy and have an opportunity to get on the field this year.”

The mental side of the game of football is the part of the game that Adkison said he learned most about while at Alabama.

“College football is super tough and not many people can do it,” Adkison said. “I learned how to mentally prepare for a college football season and how to practice and play winning football.

“Alabama is the highest level (of college football) you can get to and I learned under Coach (Nick) Saban and a bunch of great coaches on how to mentally sustain during the year and play great football.”

Adkison’s goals of getting on the field immediately and earning a scholarship are key to his decision to transfer to Troy.

“Hopefully I can get in and work hard and contribute right away and earn a scholarship soon,” Adkison emphasized.

Adkison was the definition of an “athlete” at New Brockton having played quarterback, receiver, running back, defensive back and kick returner at the high school level.

Adkison rushed for 2,131 career yards and passed for 2,438 yards with 4,716 total yards and 53 touchdowns.

As a senior, Adkison suffered a head injury in the first game of the season that forced him to miss the first two games and then when he came back he became a “slash” player playing more of a “Wildcat” role at quarterback, running back, receiver and even defensive back.

Adkison finished his senior season with 769 yards and 11 touchdowns rushing along with 144 yards and three touchdowns receiving and 35 tackles on defense.

“I definitely got some good experience (at receiver) my senior year,” Adkison said. “I was able to come in (to Alabama) and continue to develop as a receiver. I think I’ll be able to contribute to Troy’s receiving corps right now.”

Adkison said that when he was thinking of transferring he was impressed with new Troy coach Chip Lindsey and his staff.

“I love Coach Lindsey,” Adkison flatly said. “Him and everyone on the staff have been so helpful as far as getting me over there and you can just tell they really care about me as a player and they care about everybody in the organization.

“They want to make good football players and good men and you can tell that’s what they live by. He’s been great talking to and seems like a really great guy. I’m excited to be around him and all the coaches on the staff there.”

Adkison won’t have much time to enjoy his return back to the Wiregrass, however, as he finishes the summer term at Alabama on June 24 and immediately starts at Troy on June 26.

“Right when I get down there I’m rolling right back into it and practicing with the team and working out with them,” Adkison said.

Because Adkison is transferring from Alabama as a preferred walk-on he won’t have to sit out a year of eligibility, and because he redshirted the 2018 season he will have four full seasons of eligibility at Troy.

Adkison said that when he arrives to Troy he’s going to work on getting on the field as soon as possible and earn himself a scholarship.

“I want to get on the field and contribute in whatever way I can, whether it’s special teams or hopefully getting in the rotation at receiver and helping out there,” he said. “My main goal is to play and earn a scholarship this year.”

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