The Enterprise Wildcats football team upped the intensity last Friday, May 10, with a Blue and White Scrimmage at Wildcat Stadium as the Wildcats get set for this week’s spring game with Park Crossing.

Enterprise coach Rick Darlington split his squad up with an offense vs. defense format in the scrimmage, much like the freshman scrimmage earlier this spring. The offense could score points in the scrimmage with touchdowns, two-point conversions and big gains, while the defense could earn points via third down stops, turnovers and tackles-for-loss.

Enterprise running backs Josh McCray, Zy’Air Boyd and Mykal Johnson all made big plays and scored long touchdown runs in the game, but Darlington wants to see more in the blocking game from his impressive backs.

“I think the running backs ran well but we have to improve on their blocking,” Darlington emphasized. “Blocking is key to being a good teammate and an unselfish teammate and being a tough team. I think their blocking will improve, though.”

The Enterprise offensive line handled their assignments well for the most part but struggled with some fundamentals like lining up correctly throughout the scrimmage.

“We just have to get lined up right,” Darlington said. “Basic stuff like that is important and I know they’ll get better there.”

The defense – which has been an issue for the Wildcats the past two seasons – struggled throughout the scrimmage.

“I thought they lacked aggressiveness and we still have a ways to go,” Darlington said of the defense. “Their fundamentals were really lacking. When you have bad fundamentals you look sloppy and it looks like a lack of effort because fundamentals clean those things up. We have lots of improvement to make with our fundamentals on both sides of the ball.”

Park Crossing will be coming to town on Friday – a team coming off of a 6-5 season last year – for a spring game at 7 p.m. in Wildcat Stadium.

“I want us to play with enthusiasm and play together,” Darlington said. “We need to get excited together, we need to cheer for each other on both sides of the ball.

“I also want us to play hard and I think that’s got to be coached. You have to play from the snap of the ball all the way to the whistle.”

Darlington said that fundamentals would also be something that the Wildcats key in on during the game.

“I want to play with good fundamentals,” he said. “I want us to take care of the football and take it away on defense. I want to see great improvement from all of those things (compared) to the scrimmage on Friday.

“We’ve gotten better over the spring but we still need to get better faster.”

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