After longtime Dauphin Junior High football coach Marc Sieving took over the head coaching duties at Elba earlier this year, Enterprise City Schools announced the hiring of Enterprise native Kris Rainey to take over the job.

Rainey graduated from Enterprise High School and for the past seven years has served as assistant football coach at Wicksburg, where he was offensive coordinator. Rainey has also served as a football, baseball, softball and basketball coach at Samson, Sweet Water, Geneva County and New Brockton in the past.

“I just felt like the time was right and the leadership at the high school is right because they have the right man for the job there,” Rainey said of his decision to take over at DJHS. “Enterprise is a great school system and it’s always been one of my goals to work there. I graduated from there and I felt like the lord was leading me in that direction.”

Rainey said that his first goal at DJHS will be to continue to build on the success that Sieving created at the school.

“It’s already a great program and Coach Sieving did a great job over there,” Rainey said. “I just want to continue to build on what they’ve already built and hold up the standard that’s been set.”

Sieving said that he researched EHS coach Rick Darlington as he was interviewing for the job and came away impressed.

“I have met him a couple of times and I’ve been really impressed with everything he’s doing (at EHS),” he said. “Doing some research about him and listening to some of the things he’s said at clinics has really been impressive. He’s been really helpful for me if I had any questions about the program or about the offense and everything.”

Rainey said that the goal at DJHS will remain the same in making sure that his players are prepared for transition to the high school level once they leave him.

“Our goal will always be to make the high school coaches jobs a lot easier,” he emphasized. “That starts in the weight room and building character.

“We want to make them as ready as they can be to make a smooth transition to the high school level.”

While things are currently up in the air over the remainder of the school year, Rainey said that if school resumes in April the plan is to get started with spring practices at DJHS.

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