State Games

Recently it was announced by the ASF Foundation that Enterprise native Kenneth LeBlanc has been named the new Director of the Alabama State Games Wiregrass Division.

The Alabama State Games is an Olympic-style event that was established in 1982 at the request of the United States Olympic Committee. From 2015 until 2017 the State Games were held in Dothan and Ozark.

“We are excited to have Ken join our team to encourage residents of the Wiregrass to become more involved in athletics beyond just the school environment,” ASF Foundation Vice President Dean Kelly said. “We feel that his enthusiasm for sports and his love for the Wiregrass will serve well in helping spread the mission of the ASF Foundation to people of all ages, abilities and skillsets in the Wiregrass.”

LeBlanc said he hopes to return the State Games and other similar events to the area.

“The games are the largest multi-sport athletic event in the State of Alabama, which provides a tremendous financial impact wherever it is,” LeBlanc said. “Being an integral part of the effort that brought it to the Wiregrass from 2015-2017 allowed me to see the results of what can be done when people work together.

“The vision and plan to develop multiple programs supporting the games, while bringing surrounding communities together in one or more locations, has been in the works for many years, under the mentorship of (ASF Foundation President) Mr. (Ron) Creel. It is now time for me to execute, and I am very excited.”

LeBlanc said that a number of locations and community sports events for the Wiregrass area would be announced in the coming months.

The 38th Annual Alabama State Games will take place in June of 2019 in Huntsville and LeBlanc will be encouraging athletes from all over the Wiregrass to take part.

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