The New Brockton Gamecocks got fall camp jumpstarted last week and look to up the competition level as week two cranks up.

New Brockton finally got back into full pads on Friday, Aug. 9, but new head coach Zack Holmes was most impressed with another day of practice.

“I think it went good,” Holmes said of his team’s first week of fall practices. “Just trying to get the kids back acclimated to being back in full pads, especially in that heat, was a big thing for us.

“I think the day I was most impressed with was the first day of school. Most of the time that’s a distraction and you don’t have a great day of practice on that day, but I thought we had a great day that day and really handled it well.”

Another positive for New Brockton was that everyone stayed healthy in the first week of practices.

“I feel like we’re headed in the right direction,” Holmes said. “Everyone stayed healthy and that’s great, but we need another good week this week and then it’s time to go.”

One thing Gamecock coaches are doing in fall camp is having players bounce around from drill to drill a number of times each week, rather than having long individual sessions. He calls these shorter sessions “circuits.”

“One thing that I think has been successful everywhere that I’ve been is doing different circuits throughout practice,” Holmes said. “It keeps them engaged and moving. Also, they get a little winded from it and we’re still coaching technique throughout it, which is important.”

Holmes said that his coaches are trying to teach players to fall back on the technique being taught in these sessions rather than on bat habits when they begin to get tired.

“One thing we’ve been harping on is taking the technique stuff we do in individual (sessions) and applying to team work,” he said. “Make sure that we’re fundamentally sound and continue to build better habits.

“When we get tired or winded we want to fall back on our technique and not onto those bad habits.”

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