NBHS Football

The New Brockton Gamecocks football team traveled to Ariton on Monday, June 24, to compete in 7-on-7 action alongside Samson, Ashford and Ariton.

The Gamecocks came away with a 3-0 record at the tournament and new head coach Zack Holmes was pleased with how his team played.

“I thought it was good,” Holmes said. “We competed well early and the kids really started fast. We got to play a lot of guys and had some guys show up that we had question marks about. The quarterbacks took care of the ball well and the defense also played well.”

Holmes said that he wants to see his team sustain their focus from beginning to end, which is something they will be focusing on throughout summer workouts.

“Across the whole program we have to continue to sustain our focus for long periods of time and when we have adversity,” Holmes said. “That’s really what we’re focusing on this summer. It’s gotten better but we have to continue to get better.”

Holmes said that he has been impressed with his team’s communication and attendance during summer workouts thus far and said that the Gamecocks have had virtually perfect attendance during workouts.

“We’re doing a great job of communicating and for the most part everybody is there working their tails off,” Holmes emphasized. “Coach (Tyler) Stump is doing an excellent job of leading our workouts ansd those guys are really getting after it.”

New Brockton will keep the competition level up on June 26 as the Gamecocks travel to Elba to take part in the annual Elba 7-on-7 Tournament.

“I want to see the same level of focus in game three and four as we have seen in games one and two,” Holmes said. “Being great at 7-on-7 tournaments isn’t the same as real football but it does help you and we want to compete throughout the day and keep that focus and be better than we were today.”

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