Shelton State freshman Hannah Mynard steps to the plate as her sister Hope Mynard plays catcher behind her for Wallace-Dothan.

Sisters Hope and Hannah Mynard were four-year stars at Enterprise High School before both earned athletic scholarships following high school, and on Monday, May 6, the two sisters faced off on opposite sides of a championship game.

After graduating from Enterprise – as standout softball players – Hope Mynard earned a scholarship to Wallace Community College in Dothan, while Hannah Mynard earned a scholarship to Shelton State Community College.

Wallace and Shelton State faced off on May 6 in the Alabama Community College Conference Championship with a guaranteed spot in the Junior College Athletic Association’s Playoffs on the line.

In the midst of the two sides battling it out were twin sisters facing off against each other for the first time.

“It was a little weird,” Hannah Mynard said. “All of my teammates said it was like watching me hit and catch out there.”

Her sister agreed with that assessment.

“It was a very different feeling,” Hope Mynard said. “Seeing Hannah pitch from the batter’s box instead of behind the plate was a very different experience, but I had somewhat of an advantage since I have been her catcher since she started pitching.”

When Hope Mynard finally stepped up to the plate to face her sister, she belted a single into center field, but in the end Hannah got the win as Shelton State held on to a 10-4 win and conference crown.

“I knew pitching against her was going to be tough because she knows everything I throw,” Hannah Mynard said. “She knows what it looks like coming out of my hand since she has caught (for) me forever.”

Despite being rivals on the field, the two sister’s relationship off the field holds strong.

“My relationship with Hope means everything to me,” Hannah Mynard said. “She’s my better half and has always pushed me to be the best version of myself on and off the field. That has probably been the most difficult thing; living away from her.

“Even playing against me, she still gives me constructive criticism on what I need to do to be better but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Hope Mynard said that her relationship on the field and off the field has shaped their lives and softball careers.

“My relationship with my sister means the world to me,” Hope Mynard emphasized. “She’s been my best friend my whole life and my biggest supporter through every obstacle or challenge we have faced.

“On the field, she has always been the person who expects more out of me than I think I have. Off the field, my sister is my best friend and my hardest coach no matter where I go or what I’m doing, I know I have a great sister who will be by my side the whole way.”

Both Mynard sisters had solid freshmen seasons in 2019. Hope Mynard played in 29 games and had a .306 batting average with 11 RBIs, two homeruns and 20 runs offensively, while earning 103 putouts with a .991 fielding percentage from her catcher position.

“My freshman season went a lot like I expected it to be,” Hope Mynard said. “I faced a few highs and lows throughout the season but I got through all of them because of the great teammates I have and especially the underclassmen who have experienced all of what a freshman season has to offer together.”

Hannah Mynard started 20 games as a freshman with a 10-9 record as she held a 3.56 ERA with 77 total strikeouts on the year. Hannah was also a big time offensive weapon earning a .391 batting average with seven homeruns, 34 RBIs and 36 runs on the season. She also had 33 putouts, 38 assists and a .947 fielding percentage on defense.

“My freshman year has gone really well so far,” Hannah Mynard. “There has been highs and lows of course but I feel like I adjusted really well to the next level.”

Both sisters will continue their freshmen season later this month in the JUCO National Tournament. Shelton State advances to the first round of the tournament via conference championship, while Wallace will get an opportunity to play its way into the tournament in the District I Playoff.

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