Notice of Sale of Abandoned Mini Warehouse Property

Please take notice. The property contained in the below listed mini storage units will be sold on a cash only basis at public sale. Friday, November 8, 2019 starting at 9 a.m. The sale will be held at two (2) different locations starting at C&B 2 Mini Warehouse units located on Shellfield Road. Please bring your own personal locks to secure any property you may purchase. CANCELED IF RAINING!

CB2 Unit A13 Elizabeth Commander,2601 County Road 33, Ozark AL

CB2 Unit C03 Clay Baker 225 County Road 744, Enterprise, AL

CB2 Unit D33 Samantha Merritt, 512 Dixie Drive, Enterprise, AL

CB2 Unit E09 Donte King 201 Holley Dr. Apt D3, Albany, GA

CB2 Unit E16 Benjamin Johnson 391 County Road 272, New Brockton, AL

CB2 Unit E31 Sean Whitney 2480 Dalila Street, Fallon NV

CB2 Unit F13 Chelsea Weldon 303 W. College Street #5, Enterprise, AL

CB2 Unit F 7/40 Natalie Dillingham 110 Oak Ridge Circle, Enterprise, AL

CB2 F19 Syran Austin 1013 E. Park Ave. Lot #10, Enterprise, AL

CB2 Unit Parking #5 Isaac Gordan 322 Eagle Landing, Enterprise, AL

WC Unit 28 Harold Rogers 101 Cortland Drive, Enterprise, AL

WC Unit 32 No Lease

WC Unit 34 Kinley Johnson 110 Woodbridge Road, Enterprise, AL

WC Unit 83 Irene White 209 Apache Drive Bldg 23-1, Enterprise, AL

WC Unit 128 April Westberry 8845 County Road 625, New Brockton, AL

10/16, 10/23, 10/30/2019

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