Dear Editor,

On behalf of Seminole County Elementary School, I would like to thank Enterprise City Schools for allowing 12 of your staff members to travel to Seminole County Wednesday, Oct. 31, to assist our school in recovery efforts from Hurricane Michael. Returning to school Nov. 5 would not have been possible had it not been for their assistance. The volunteers showed outstanding expertise and professionalism during their visit to our school. The support from these volunteers confirmed their commitment to education and helping others in need.

I especially want to thank Debbie Hope for contacting Seminole County Elementary School and organizing this “A Team” group to donate manpower in a time when we desperately needed it. The group left home at 5 a.m. and worked diligently until the task was completed doing whatever was needed to get our campus up and running for our students. After leaving our school, the group stopped in the neighborhood across the street from the school to deliver Halloween candy to the students in that area who might not otherwise receive Halloween treats. These educators showed a tremendous love and dedication to students everywhere.

Our lives have been touched and changed tremendously in a positive way because of the support and assistance of this group. I want to thank Superintendent of Schools Greg Faught and the Enterprise City Board of Education for approving members of your staff to assist us in our recovery efforts. We have made new friends and colleagues for life because of this day. Seminole County Elementary School will never forget the generosity and hard work given to our school through this event. It is our hope that we can pass this generosity to others in the future. If your school system has a need, Seminole County Elementary School will be there to help!

Renea M. Pierce

Principal, Seminole County Elementary School

Donalsonville, Ga.

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