To the Enterprise City Council,

I would like to start by thanking you for holding an open forum to discuss raising the Business License tax. As often happens, we may speak at such an event and then wished we had said other things afterwards. This is my attempt to address some of the afterthoughts.

First, it was very encouraging to see how many of you addressed this tax increase as a fairness issue. Repeatedly I heard how you were attempting to make this “fair” by raising my taxes. It is quite obvious that after reviewing our city’s tax structure you saw that one party was paying more than another party. I agree, we should be fair, so let’s reduce the taxes for those that are overpaying. Oh wait, this change in taxes has nothing to do with fairness, does it? Words have meaning and whatever you intended “fair” to mean was not what Webster had in mind. To call it “fair” is an attempt to play with people’s emotions to in order to win their support.

The word you should have used is covet. You brought in a company, not to see how to better use the resources you currently have but to see how you can acquire more from others. And not to acquire by means of providing better products that people would be willing to pay for, but to take revenue by force, with the promise that you will be providing services to the community. What the city is and should provide is debatable, but that is for another time. So how do I know the correct term is to covet? Because you also express the desire for more information on the revenues of the companies in your city. You state that this need is for planning purposes but what else would you use this for except to plan on how much more taxes you could take. Your process, which may seem right when clouded with the idea of community betterment and fairness, will lead you to lust for more. You, as the government, are planning to overreach into private businesses and lives even further than you already are. I ask that you, as community members and fellow business owners, see the wickedness in your desire for more. Quit covering it up with words like fairness and call it what it is, sinful and wrong.

Let’s make this simple. You were elected to represent us the citizens and manage what was there. So, this is what is wanted, NO new taxes. This is not your money, nor does it belong to the citizens of Enterprise. I don’t care how much they want a new fire truck (since you brought it up at the meeting). You have no right to more of my money. If you want an open forum on how to pay for services without raising taxes, start there but stop looking to my bank account because you saw a shiny new toy in the window.

I am hopeful that you would see this as an attempt for reason. At least how Ambrose defines it, “to weight probabilities in the scales of desire”. To see that taking more from those that will produce revenue and provide jobs should outweigh the short-term gains of raising the Business License tax. That making Enterprise a desirable location to do business by making it cheaper and easier to do business will do more for this city in the years to come, than the current path you are proposing.

  1. Sincerely,
  2. A Local Business

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