Familiarity is something that most people take for granted. It really is true that humans are “creatures of habit.” We enjoy the comfort of a familiar place, familiar actions and familiar people.

Right now, there’s still a lot of people from Hurricane Michael who only have one of those things, maybe even none of them. People who might not ever be able to return to their familiar place.

This upcoming Halloween, Enterprise and the surrounding areas have the chance to help out these people in a way that most people wouldn’t think of, celebrating Halloween.

After a tragedy—whether it be losing a loved one, losing everything in a hurricane, the loss of a high school due to a tornado, etc.—the people involved just want some sort of normalcy.

Just something, anything, that seems familiar and makes them feel everything will be okay. This Halloween, we can provide at least a little of that to these survivors.

Halloween provides the children survivors the chance to roam around neighborhoods dressed up to get candy. It might be a new neighborhood, but the action is the same. It provides a bit a familiarity and normalcy to them.

The same applies to their parents who—just like they have every year—will be able to walk with their child down, albeit new, streets.

Things like this don’t seem like they matter, but they do. The little things matter. Everything little thing that makes their life seem normal again helps.

My father died very close to Halloween and I can’t even begin to explain how much just being able to walk my little brothers trick-or-treating helped all of us cope. We needed that proof that even after everything, things can get at least semi-normal again.

So splurge a little, get the big candy bars. Get candy if you don’t normally do it. Maybe even donate an old costume or two if you know a survivor who can’t afford to get their child a new one.

Give out candy to those who might not have costumes because of the storm.

They need this little bit of familiarity right now. They need to know that things can return normal. They need to be able to feel like everything is normal, even if it’s just one night.

Make this Halloween extra special for those survivors because while it may just be another Halloween to us, to them it will mean the world.

Justin Blowers is a staff writer for The Southeast Sun and Daleville Sun-Courier. The opinions of this writer are his own and not the opinion of the paper. He can be reached at (334) 393-2969 or by email at jblowers@southeastsun.com.

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