Today marks a full-week since students returned to school.

This week marks the first full week of school.

That means that it’s time for everyone to get back into the routine, the routine of waking up in the morning to get to school on time. Whether that be a student waking up to get to the bus stop or a car-rider waking up so their parents can take them on-time or a student driver who can really only blame themselves for leaving late.

It could even be a parent that now has to wake up a little bit earlier to drop their children off before going into work or having to wake up earlier to pack their children’s’ lunch or make their breakfast.

Everybody is going to be struggling these next couple of weeks to get their bodies back on schedule for the new school year. It’s a rough process but it happens every year.

So for the students, I know this is going to sound terrible, but try to become consistent. Maybe wake up earlier than normal on a weekend for just a couple of weekends just to force your body back on schedule.

I’m not going to lie. That way of doing things stinks. I’ve done it before and I hated it. Every year. However, it’s worth it to make sure your body is back on schedule.

It’ll hopefully allow you to save some of the tardies that you might have gotten otherwise. Those can come in handy later in the year. It’s a couple of weekends to make your week-life easier, sacrificing like two weekends (four days) to make the other 100 and something school days that will be left.

It stinks, but it’s worth it.

For those riding the bus, please write your bus number down somewhere easy to find and always on you. When you’re tired—and you will be tired these next couple of weeks—you don’t think straight. We all have brain cramps, but they seem to come much easier when you’re dead tired. Make sure you have your bus number somewhere on you just so when that brain cramp eventually happens, you’re prepared.

Parents, I have to be honest in saying that I have nothing for you. I don’t have any children of my own but I’ve helped get my little brothers ready in the morning. Only advice I really have is to pack the lunch the night before, if at all possible. Just try and streamline the getting out the door process for less variables that can go wrong.

This month is not going to be nice to anyone and their bodies for a while. Everyone has to get back used to the schedule or a similar one as last year. It’s going to be rough, but it’s time.

It’s time to get back into the swing of things.

Justin Blowers is a staff writer for The Southeast Sun and Daleville Sun-Courier. The opinions of this writer are his own and not the opinion of the paper. He can be reached at (334) 393-2969 or by email at

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