Enterprise High School Marching Band started its yearly band camp on Monday, July 16 and will end on Friday, July 27.

This year’s show will be circus-themed with the possible title, “big blue under the big tent.”

“We had thrown it (the idea of a circus-themed show) around for two or three years—we kind of have a running list of shows we go through—and it had always been there,” EHS Marching Band Director Sean Weiler said. “That one just kind of stepped out. We kept coming back to that one and coming back to it so we just said ‘alright let’s go for it.’ “

The music for this show will feature “The Greatest Show,” and “Million Dreams,” from “The Greatest Showman,” a custom 7/8 arrangement of “Entry to the Gladiators,” a percussion feature and a ballad version of Britney Spears’ “Circus.”

Weiler said that the hardest song for the band has been the custom arrangement for “Entry to the Gladiators.”

“It is so hard to feel that tempo because we drop an eighth note on every measure,” Weiler said. “So their foot, each measure, is leading with the left and the measure is leading with the right. It’s hard, it really is hard.”

The show will open with “The Greatest Show,” where the marching band will form three rings during the song.

Other visual affects for the show will include drum majors dressed as ring masters, props, auxiliary players on barrels and possibly even a student on a unicycle.

“He can ride it perfectly, we’re just not sure how it’s going to work on a bumpy field,” Weiler said. “So we’ll see though.”

He said that the show will be constantly evolving over the year.

“The sets and the responsibilities of certain kids (will change),” Weiler said. “This group may be playing here and then they might be acting or doing something in the show. It’s going to take everyone to contribute to their part.”

Weiler said he’s proud of how hard the students have worked and the student leadership shown throughout this band camp.

“They’re (the band members) doing a great job,” Weiler said. “It’s always amazing to see where they come in, and our student leadership has just been really great this year. They’ve been doing a lot of good work with the new kids and making sure everyone stays motivated.”

Weiler also thanked the staff and parents for their help.

“I couldn’t do it without them,” Weiler said. “They (the staff) make it so easy when I have to step away for a moment, and just handle it so well. Our band boosters are out there taking care of our kids, making sure they have water and Gatorade.”

He said he’s confident the band will be ready for the first game of the year, and hopes that everyone who watches them enjoys the show.

“I’m hoping to take that half-time marching band feel, and make people feel like they’re at a circus,” Weiler said. “And give them a high-value, entertaining show that they can kind of sit-back, relax and enjoy.”

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