WinShape Camps is a full day camp designed to shape winners and give children the confidence to propel forward. The camp was held July 17-21 at Enterprise High School and featured a host of events and activities. The camp is designed to get children “to sharpen their character, grow in their relationships and deepen their Christian faith through sports, science, arts, recreation, Bible study and worship,” according to camp director Sally Pittman. “We focus on helping them grow leadership skills, strong character and how to have a relationship with Jesus. And we do all of that through recreation,” said Pittman.

The professionally trained WinShape staff creates the most fun and meaningful experience possible. The event is also supported by volunteers from local churches in the area such as St. Luke United Methodist Church who partners with First Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, Green Hill Presbyterian Church, Hillcrest Baptist Church, HighPointe and St. John’s Catholic Church in order reach children and their families for Christ. 

“All of these churches have helped in some way with camp whether it is providing volunteers, transportation, scholarships or meals,” said Pittman. “Camp would not be a success without their help.”

Activities for the camp included archery, basketball, flag football, cheerleading, dance, fast food and musical theatre, among others. The list of offerings was robust. The goal of the camp is “to glorify God by reaching children and families for Christ,” according to Pittman.

The camp works with school principals and counselors to pinpoint children who would benefit from the experience and provides scholarships for them to attend.

Mitchell Automotive, Turner Orthodontics and Miracle Ear provided scholarships for over 85 children to attend camp. Chick-fil-A and numerous other businesses and individuals partnered together to provide scholarships as well.

Students from HOSA volunteered their time as medical support and for cleanup.

This years theme was “ALL” and the key Bible verse was Mark 12:30. Students had a chance to hear the Gospel Wednesday afternoon and make a decision to give their lives to Christ.

The students were broken into different groups including the ocean and galaxy groups.

Hannah Hamrick, from the older students in the galaxy group, said her favorite part of the event was “the people because they’re so fun. It’s an experience and you get to learn about God. While you’re doing your skills, you’re having fun, but you’re also learning about God.”

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