“The biggest thing we’ve done is continue practicing and try to perfect what we’re doing, working on our technique,” said Patrick Lord, New Brockton High School band director. “After that what we really kind of started working on was getting ready for our band contest. On the 30th of September, we actually did two contests in one day. We had straight superior ratings at the first contest and mostly superior ratings at the second contest.”

Lord said it was a rush trying to get from the first band performance to the second. As the band has worked to grow in their technique Lord said he noticed something different about this year’s marching band.

“You know the biggest thing is dedication to getting better,” said Lord. “We started the year off really well and it’s continued to get better from there, which is not always the case. Typically you get towards the mid year and you start to get a slump. We’ve been very fortunate to not have that this year.”

In avoiding that slump Lord said the band has taken the critiques of the judges from their first two shows as guidelines to follow and improve upon.

In the midst of preparing for a band show on Oct. 14, the band has been working on a concert for Veteran’s Day. The concert will be Nov. 9 at NBHS and will feature new veteran’s music that the band has not previously played before.

Lord said the band is looking forward to the show and is also working to raise money for new uniforms. They are looking for any type of assistance, as they are a self-funded group. The cost is approximately $400 per uniform. The current uniforms are outdated. The total cost the band is looking to raise is $20,000-$24,000 for new uniforms. Contact Patrick Lord at NBHS for more information on how to help the band.

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