Jonathan Broadhead is passionate about renewable energy and reducing his carbon footprint in both business and his personal life.

Broadhead said he has always been a fan of Nikola Tesla, an inventor and engineer who created the alternating current electricity system. His appreciation for Tesla and his work and Broadhead's own work with renewable energy has led him to lead the greener lifestyle he lives today.

"I worked a job for a while doing the cells for GE wind energy, the big windmills," he said. "I really began to look into renewables a lot more."

He said he actually has an "obsession" with renewable energy.

"I'm actually toward my degree in physics because I want to continue to work with renewables. There's already a bunch of people working on the different conversions, such as solar, wind and wave (energies), but there's not a lot of people working on energy transfers or storage. That's where I mainly want to focus."

His passion for renewable energy is even an integral part of his business. He said his company, Clean Air Lawn Care in Enterprise, uses more electric equipment to provide services to his clients, which helps reduce gas emissions.

"We're not perfect," he said. "We're never going to pretend we're perfect, but the thing is, you've always got to try to be better than you were."

His lawn care techniques, he said, are also focused on making the earth healthier for others.

In his own home, he maintains a small yard to reduce his personal carbon footprint and a compost pile, and he has plans to build an organic garden with his wife and two daughters.

Broadhead said his wife shares some of his passions. The two have been vegetarians since 2013, which he says is one way to reduce one's carbon footprint.

He also said he tries to show his daughters how to follow a "green" lifestyle, even though they are young.

"Anytime I'm out in the yard, I try to bring (my oldest daughter) out," he said. "Even though she's not really doing anything, she sees what I'm doing. Kids learn a lot more by seeing than you realize."

Broadhead said he would encourage others to look into "going green" in some ways.

"A lot of the stuff we're doing now, it's not going to affect you, but it's going to affect (future generations)."

For more information about Clean Air Lawn Care, call (334) 697-4541 or email Jonathan Broadhead at

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