Coffee County Farm-City hosted its annual petting zoo event in September, expanding this year to a second event.

The first took place at the Coffee County Farm Center in New Brockton on Sept. 11.

Over 900 preschoolers, kindergartners and seniors from all over Coffee County attended the event.

The second event was at the Enterprise Early Education Center on Sept. 25. This is the first year that Farm-City has done two separate events.

Coffee County Farm-City Committee Chairwomen Cindy Kinney said that they decided to do two events this year to make sure Enterprise would have a chance to attend.

“We decided if they couldn’t come to us, we’d come to them,” Kinney said.

She said that these petting zoos are important for young children.

“There’s a lot of kids that age (preschool and kindergarten) that have never been exposed to farm animals or life,” Kinney said. “It’s a good age to get exposure to these animals.”

While the horses, chickens and goats definitely get the attention of everyone who attends, there is a whole different side to the petting zoo as well.

“I want kids to just learn the role animals play in agriculture,” Kinney said.

The event is also used to introduce and teach the kids about agriculture and the importance of agriculture.

It is sponsored by the Coffee County Extension Office and the Farm-City Committee. This year, Farm-City’s theme is “200 years of agriculture.”

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