The Enterprise Board of Education unanimously agreed to appoint Jimmy H. Baker as interim superintendent of Enterprise City Schools during special-called meeting July 8.

Baker, a New Brockton High School graduate, is no stranger to the area, and has served previously as superintendent of both Coffee County and Daleville City Schools.

Baker has also served as assistant superintendent of education, deputy superintendent of education and finance director for the state of Alabama.

Under the motion approved by the board, Baker will serve in the position for a minimum of 90 days and for no more than 180 days.

He will also not be a candidate for the permanent superintendent’s position.

Baker is employed through Hand Arendal along with Roger L. Bates, who was appointed as the board’s interim attorney during the meeting.

Baker’s compensation will be $15,500 per month with no benefits and Bates will receive $1,500 per month as a retaining fee.

Bates is currently the managing partner for Hand Arendall and will serve as the interim attorney throughout the transition process.

He has also worked with Baker in the field of educational law for years.

In other business, the board also agreed to officially post an opening for the position of a permanent superintendent.

The law requires 30-days notice to the public before the position can be filled, and Board Chairman Ross Cotter said the search for a candidate would begin immediately.

“We can and must provide an opportunity for every one of the 6,500 plus students who attend Enterprise City Schools, to be prepared for the world,” Baker said addressing the board. “Whether that is through higher education, working or skill training.”

Baker said the recent acceptance of Alabama’s Plan 2020 wavier would ensure changes to curriculum in the future.  

“There’s going to be enough going on to focus ourselves on providing the best education for our school system,” he said. “As for our physical facilities, we are running on tight time frame getting things ready before school starts, and those are things we’ll be focused on over the next several weeks.”

Baker said throughout his career Enterprise City Schools has been regarded as one of the best systems in the state, which he attributes to the people of Enterprise, the students and the leadership of the community.

“We've had a lot of experience and we’ve been around, but we don’t know everything,” Baker said. “It’s going to be important as I serve, that I have the opportunity to visit with you and discuss what it takes to make this a better school system. Regardless of how good it is, it can always be better. I want to be a part of helping you make it better and this board wants to be a part of helping you make it better.”

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