AUSA members receive awards

Three members of the Fort Rucker-Wiregrass AUSA chapter received awards for their work for the organization. Pictured, from left, are Vice President of Membership Mark Jones, Chapter President Jim Muskopf, Chapter Treasurer Sam MacMaster and AUSA member Stephanie Blankenship.

Three members of the AUSA Fort Rucker-Wiregrass chapter were recognized during a luncheon on Thursday, April 7, for their efforts to further membership numbers and supporting the organization.

"Every year, the third region gives out awards at the third region meeting, and all the chapters have a chance to nominate people for an award," Fort Rucker-Wiregrass AUSA Chapter President Jim Muskopf said. "I take that quite seriously, as I have my whole life, that awards have to mean something, that awards have to be for something that you have done.

"The folks (that I name) literally have done something, have made a difference in the Fort Rucker-Wiregrass chapter."

Stephanie Blankenship, who helped with individual membership recruitment, received the Significant Achievement Award.

"The lady standing up here next to me, over the course of the last year –particularly over the last several months – has done very well and personally signed individual members up, bringing membership applications signed with payment month and month," Muskopf said.

Mark Jones, vice president of membership, received the Outstanding Achievement Award.

"He has taken his job and his responsibilities seriously, and he has gone after every opportunity that we can have to interact with the communities, to interact with Fort Rucker on individual, on corporate, life memberships – just about any platform or basis you can have to increase that membership," Muskopf said.

Sam MacMaster, treasurer for the chapter, received the Award of Excellence.

"We have to keep the books straight, and we have a gentleman, our treasurer Sam MacMaster, who has done absolutely fabulous," Muskopf said.

After presenting awards, Muskopf recognized military members and their families that attended the event.

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