An outing with friends provided Paige and Kole Oglesby the chance to find true love.

Paige, an Enterprise native, is the granddaughter of Bruce and Gwyn Taylor. Kole is the son of Keith and Meleah Oglesby from Oxford.

The couple met in 2016 through mutual friends, according to Paige. She had just graduated from Auburn University and had accepted a position at the pediatric clinic in Opelika.

“Most of my friends had already moved away, but I still had one or two left in town,” she said. “One night, a group of us met up for dinner, and it was all the usual people except for this one guy.

“My friend introduced us, and not long after that, he went home because he had to be up early for work. We didn’t exchange numbers; we just had a short, little conversation, and that was that.”

She said she did not really think more of the meeting until she received a phone call from the “one guy” who ended up being “the one” for her.

“I really didn’t think anything of it until the next week when I received a phone call and it was Kole,” she said. “We went on our first date the next week, and we got into some deep topics for a first date, but once he dropped me back off at home, I immediately knew that he was ‘the one.’”

Paige said she had never been a believer of the saying “when you know, you know.”

“So, you can say I was a bit shocked after that first date when I knew he was it for me,” she said. “It was a completely different feeling that I had never had before and in the best way.”

Kole said he was immediately drawn to her beauty and “conservative values.”

“She also was a hard worker who had worked her way through school like I had, so it was easier to connect with each other,” he said.

The couple began dating in October 2016, according to Paige. It was not long before the pair became engaged.

“We had been together only one year and two months when he proposed,” she said.

Kole said he knew she was “the one” because she became his best friend.

“As we dated we continued to grow our spiritual relationship, which helped us to connect better and truly begin to know one another,” he said. “She became more than ‘a girlfriend,’ she became my best friend.”

When he proposed, he asked her, without her realizing it, and her family about the engagement.

“I did speak with her grandparents and asked permission to marry her,” he said. “I had spoken to Paige about what she would like after one of her friends got engaged and didn’t speak about it again until I asked her to marry me (about six months later).

“I believe it was a private personal matter between the two of us, and it was exactly how she wanted it.”

Kole proposed to Paige on Christmas day 2017 after they spent time with both of their families.

“We had our own Christmas to celebrate and presents to open once we got back to Auburn on Christmas night,” she said. “We arrived back at Kole’s town home and proceeded with opening the presents we had bought for each other. We had talked about getting engaged prior to (Christmas 2017), and I had expressed how I was the type that would enjoy an intimate proposal with just the two of us and that I didn’t want a crowd around or a party afterword. That just wasn’t my style for this type of moment.

“I had also expressed – call me old school – that if he wanted to marry me, he would need to talk with my grandparents and get their approval first and foremost.”

She said she received her best Christmas present after realizing how blessed the couple was.

“I finished opening my last present, and I remember saying, ‘Wow, how blessed we are. This has been an amazing Christmas,’” she said. “ I was looking at Kole while I said this, and I remember finishing my sentence and noticing the look on his face.

“Of course, I immediately say what’s wrong, and he brings me over in front of the Christmas tree and proceeds with his proposal speech.”

She said she was “in total shock” at the proposal.

“Sadly, because of the shock, I cannot remember much of what he said at all,” she said. “It wasn’t until he was on one knee that I kind of came to reality.”

Paige said it is hard to surprise her, but Kole and both of their families pulled the surprise off. They let their families know of the good news after she said yes.

“We scheduled to at least have a picture taken on Samford Lawn in front of the big Christmas tree the next day that one of our friends took,” she said. “The only sad part was that somehow between Christmas evening and the next day, I got the stomach bug, and it did not hit me until right after taking that engagement picture. In sickness and in health, right?”

Paige and Kole Oglesby were married in an evening service on Dec. 8, 2018, in Dothan at the Westgate Church of Christ. Their reception was held at The Depot off Main.

Flowers by Rachel, Photographer Ivy Colbert and Jordan Skipper Sawyers and Madison Laney helped make the ceremony and venue perfect.

The wedding was held just days after Kole’s birthday, so the wedding party actually lasted longer than normal, according to Paige.

“Kole’s family and some of his close friends came into Dothan on Dec. 6 for his birthday dinner at The Cellar that night,” she said. “It was a great night of fellowship and showering Kole with love before the spotlight was turned to wedding stuff. 

“I did feel bad making wedding weekend literally two days after his birthday, so I told Kole that the next morning, he and his buddies who were in town needed to go play golf. They did, and they had a good time.”

She said the wedding was particularly special because much of the wedding was the fruition of her and Kole’s work.

“(Your) wedding weekend is one that you will remember for many years to come, whether it be good or bad,” she said. “For us, we had decided to do the majority of the things on our own. So, we needed a ton of help from other family and friends to make this work. I could never thank everyone who helped us that weekend enough. We really have the best village.”

She said that planning and preparing for the wedding was stressful, but the day of her wedding was relatively stress-free.

“I’ve spoken with some of my bridesmaids, and we all agreed that hair and makeup has never gone that smoothly for any of the other weddings we have been in,” she said, thanking her hair and makeup team. “So with that being one less thing I had to stress about, it made that morning with my bridesmaids that much better and enjoyable.”

She also thanked the photographer who captured the best moments of her wedding.

“Ivy Colbert is an amazing human,” she said. “Besides being one of the nicest people I know who instantly shows kindness to anyone and everyone she meets, the girl can take some photos. Photography was the other thing that went so smoothly, and her photographs are stunning. We had children in our wedding, and she did such a good job getting them to cooperate, so we got some good shots of them as well.”

Paige also said any nerves that came on her wedding day went away the moment she saw Kole at the end of the aisle.

“Since we did so much on our own, there was definitely some stress incorporated into wedding weekend,” she said. “I never got nervous except right before I walked down the aisle, and then, it was instantly gone once I locked eyes with Kole.”

For Kole, the wedding was a quick, but special affair.

“It happened very quickly for me,” he said. “I was a little nervous when I saw all the people at the wedding but the feeling faded. I was extremely appreciative of all the time and effort our families put into making the whole experience very special.”

The couple have many great memories from their wedding day that include friends, family and each other. One such memory for Paige was just taking a few moments to enjoy being married to Kole after the ceremony.

“We just talked about everything that had gone on that day and how excited we were to finally be married,” she said, stating they also talked about how ready they were to celebrate with everyone at the reception. “In addition to that, once we got introduced in the reception venue, we made sure to talk to everyone (or at least we really tried). It meant a lot to us that people had driven from long and far distances to celebrate us, and we wanted to make sure they knew and heard that directly from us.”

For Kole, there were several funny and special memories, especially the perfect ceremony led by the preacher, Wess Howell.

“The exchanging of the rings was a comical moment to me, and Wess Howell did an amazing job with the ceremony,” he said. “It was tailored to exactly what Paige and I wanted. The cutting of the cakes was also exciting, along with no one being able to find the champagne.”

In all, Paige said she and Kole had the perfect wedding day.

“I was very excited to see how beautiful everything had turned out,” she said. “I owe that entirely to everyone who helped us out. I look back, and there is absolutely nothing that I would have changed.”

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