“I think the best thing about Brett and my relationship is that we are each other’s best friend.”

That’s the way bride-to-be Caroline Haney sums up her upcoming marriage to her best friend, Brett Dunaway.

The daughter of Pat and Becky Haney of Elba is the owner of Caroline Haney Creative, LLC., a local boutique creative company that specializes in social media, website design and branding. “Of course it will be getting a name change once I am Mrs. Dunaway,” she said with a smile.

Her finance is the son of Shawn and Tommy Dunaway of Enterprise. The Enterprise native and Enterprise High School Class of 2013 alumnus is a power lineman, currently working for Power Grid.

Haney and Dunaway will be married March 30 at “The Celebration Hall” in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. Sam McDowell, the couple’s pastor from their home church, Highpointe Church in Enterprise, will officiate at the ceremony.

The couple will use Haney’s maternal grandfather’s Bible during the ceremony. “It’s my ‘something old and something borrowed,’” Haney said. “My grandfather—Pops is what he was called—passed away before I was born, so I am the only grandchild that was never able to meet him.

“But I have always felt a strong connection to him,” she added. “And I love that he will be able to be a part of our wedding through his Bible.”

Haney’s ring also has a family-connected significance. “As I was growing up, I was always obsessed with my grandmother’s blue sapphire ring,” she explained. “I used to wear it to every important event to include the prom, homecoming and graduation.

“Brett knew this, so when he was working with Heidi Gibson to design my custom ring, he added two small blue sapphires, one on each side,” Haney said. “The ring is going to be my ‘something blue’ for the wedding day.”

The couple met in 2014. “We started off as friends but we talked almost every day and that friendship started to grow into something more,” Haney said. “I remember the first time that Brett showed a sign that he might like me as more than a friend. At first I was shocked but then I started to think of the possibility of us being a couple and it was exciting.”

A phone call from Dunaway a few days later led to hours of conversation, Haney said. “And I knew ever since then that he was the person I was meant to be with.

“We enjoy doing all of the same things, like fishing and traveling and just have a genuinely great time when we’re together,” she added. “I don’t think there’s ever just one moment when you look at someone and say, ‘He’s the one,’ but after over four years of being together, I couldn’t imagine a day without Brett in my life.”

Haney was born in Dothan but lived in, Freeport, Fla., for the majority of her life. After high school graduation she attended Auburn University where she graduated in 2016.

It was at Freeport where Dunaway proposed to Haney. This is the story.

“On June 15, 2018, Brett and I were in Freeport, at the home that I grew up in, and were planning on taking a boat ride around the bay before we went to dinner,” Haney said. “We idled down the channels for a few minutes before Brett then stopped the boat and said he wanted to ‘watch the sunset’ for a little while.”

Haney said the duo went to the front of the boat. “We stood there together for a few minutes before Brett got down on one knee, pulled out the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen and asked me to be his wife,” Haney recalled. “I immediately said yes—and started crying.

“When we pulled back up to the dock, both of our parents were waiting there to celebrate with us,” she said “It was the most wonderful day of my life—so far.”

“When I decided that I was going to ask Caroline to marry me, I knew I first had to get permission from her dad,” said Dunaway. “So I decided to take him fishing.

“I think he knew the whole time why we were there, but I didn’t end up asking him until we were on the car ride home, just in case he gave me an answer I wasn’t prepared for,” Dunaway remembered. 

“Once I had her parents blessing, I knew I wanted to propose in Caroline’s hometown in Florida, on the water, because we both love being on the water,” he said. “We took her parent’s boat out for a sunset cruise, and that’s when I asked her to marry me.”

“Our relationship has been great since the beginning and we have had so many wonderful adventures together,” Haney added. “But it still amazes me how much better it gets with every day.”

Following a honeymoon in Barbados, the couple will reside in Enterprise.

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