Amanda Petty and Morris Rogers had a chance meeting at work. Soon, the couple will be ready to celebrate their wedding day.

The couple met on May 15, 2015, when fate brought Amanda to the place Morris worked.

“I was an environmentalist and he was my escort when I performed an inspection at the facility he worked,” Amanda said.

She said several factors drew her to her now-fiancé.

“(I was drawn to) his demeanor, sense of humor and sexy smile, and he is very handsome,” she said.

For Morris, the interactions and connection between the two were what drew him to Amanda.

“We were ‘instant friends,’ if there is such a thing,” he said. “Of course, I thought she was a very attractive woman, but I enjoyed our interaction more than anything.”

Morris knew he wanted to be with Amanda for the rest of his life because he realized how much he wanted to make her happy.

“I knew I was going to try my hardest to make her happier than she ever has been,” he said. Amanda said she knew they were meant to be together because she had never met a person like Morris.

Morris said the proposal was planned, “with one of my best friends.”

Amanda said the couple had talked about getting married, but she was still surprised when he proposed.

“We had talked about getting married, and he even took me to try on a ring,” she said. “I was hoping it would happen just didn’t know when.”

She said the entire experience was “perfect.”

“It was perfect,” she said. “It was me and him and one of his best friends. I was very surprised.”

“It went exactly as planned,” Morris said. “I think it was quaint, but memorable, kind of like our relationship.”

Amanda and Morris will be married in a ceremony on Saturday, May 4.

She is the daughter of Henry C. Petty and Martha Petty and granddaughter of the late Carlton and Betty Petty and Nora and the late John. C. McCray. He is the son of Morris Rogers Sr. and Cynthia Rogers and the grandson of Daisy and the late Leroy Rogers and the late John Calvin and Janie Jones. The couple also has one child together.

Amanda said plans for the wedding are coming together.

“Planning is moving along but stressful,” she said. “We have a venue, wedding director and decorator, caterer, photographer and cake designer, and I have picked my dress.”

She said her fiancé has also been a great help with the wedding planning.

“He is a great partner with the planning,” she said.

Morris said he is “anxious” about the ceremony, but also “excited” about marrying the love of his life.

“I am anxious,” he said. “I have had to make some personal adjustments. We have crossed some important ‘life hurdles,’ so I am excited to reach a climax with the mother of my child, my forever.”

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