Twin sisters Katrina Hundley and Tina Norris have been best friends their whole lives. There love stories may have been different, but their closeness continued on their wedding days, which were months apart.

Katrina Hundley said she met her now-husband, Seth, in ninth grade at Dauphin Junior High School when the two were in a health and a science class together.

“Seth and I always sat next to each other, and we quickly became the best of friends,” she said.

Seth remembers their first meeting a bit differently, stating the two met even earlier through her sister.

“Katrina and I first met in seventh grade at Coppinville Junior High School,” he said. “I was an office aid with her sister, and around the time of Thanksgiving, all aides ate our Thanksgiving lunch at the same time.

“That was the first time that I officially met Katrina, but we didn’t truly become good friends until ninth grade where we shared two classes together. I gave her all of the sports-related bonus questions that Ms. Still always asked at the end of her science tests.”

The couple began dating around they time they turned 15. Katrina said the pair did not truly understand the idea of “finding the one,” but she knew Seth made her happy.

“What I did know without a doubt though was that he was my very best friend, and he brought so much joy to my life,” Katrina said. “Throughout the almost nine years that we had been dating before we got married, we had never broken up. Not even for a second. We have always been together.”

Seth, though, said he knew soon after the couple started dating that he wanted to marry Katrina.

“I remember thinking to myself at a 4th of July event only two months after dating Katrina that I wanted her to be the one that I marry,” he said. “I definitely did not know at the time how to love Katrina, but within the nine years of dating, I think we have figured it out.”

Both said marriage always seemed like the logical next step in their relationship, but they made sure to seek God’s direction before uniting in marriage.

“Marriage for us always seemed like an obvious choice, but by our senior year in college, when the time neared, we found ourselves desiring God’s council,” Seth said.

“After our college graduation, during the summer of 2017, we both spent the entire summer in Estes Park, Colo., with our college ministry, FOCUS, going through faith formation,” Katrina said. “We were completely surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains and away from the outside world. It was a peaceful, contemplative getaway. Through prayer and discernment, by the end of the summer, we knew with absolute certainty that God wanted nothing more than for us to be husband and wife.”

Seth proposed on Oct. 12, 2017 at the couple’s church in Mobile, where they are attending physical therapy school. She said the proposal was an absolute surprise.

On the day he proposed, she said his family was coming to visit the couple at their new school. She had dressed nicely for the visit, and he, surprisingly, insisted the couple match.

“About an hour before his mom’s estimated arrival, he asked me if I wanted to go do a holy hour with him at our new little church that we had been going to together,” she said. “His request didn’t seem super out of the ordinary, considering we did this almost on a daily basis.”

When the couple reached the church, she said she still had “no clue” as to what was about to happen.

“As we open the main door to the church, I see that the doors to the sanctuary are propped open, all of the lights are on and there are candles and rose petals on the floor,” she said. “I still didn’t realize that this was for me and immediately go to turn around thinking that we must have interrupted an event or something.

“Seth turns me around as he is grinning the biggest grin I think I’ve ever seen, and he says ‘What is all of this? You should go look.’ That is when I knew that he was proposing and everything basically went blurry after that.”

Seth said he planned the proposal to be “an intimate moment between the two of us” at a place where the couple “grew together spiritually.” He said he made sure to ask her parents for permission, saying they were happy to welcome him into the family.

“Early in the morning, I went to the chapel to set up flowers and candles,” he said. “I took time to pray, thanking God for the gift of Katrina and asked for his blessing on our future marriage.”

Katrina is the daughter of Christopher and Zenaida Bokenfohr and the granddaughter of Dudley and Kathy Elston. Seth is the son of David and Bridget Hundley and the grandson of Don and Faye Hundley and Bill and Karen Smith.

The couple were married on Dec. 29, 2018, at St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Troy.

“This church holds a very special place in our hearts as this is where I grew in love for God and my Catholic faith and where Seth entered the Catholic Church on April 15, 2017,” Katrina said.

Seth’s favorite moment from the couple’s wedding day was the moment he saw Katrina for the first time in her wedding dress.

“The first look was the first moment that I was given a chance to really think about everything that was going on, and in the few minutes waiting to see my bride, I became overwhelmed with emotion,” he said. “I’ll never forget the huge smile, crinkled nose, and water-filled eyes that I first saw after the photographer counted to three.”

For Katrina, the most memorable moment was the exchanging of vows between her and Seth.

“I will never forget the overwhelming feeling of joy and love that I felt in that moment,” she said. “It was then that I experienced all of the love that the Father has for me and for Seth. He made this moment possible. I could not believe that I was about to receive this wonderful gift, my husband. After almost nine years of dating, we were finally becoming husband and wife.

“I was so overcome with emotion that I could hardly even say my vows without completely losing it. I will never forget that moment.”

Before her own wedding, Katrina had already some experience with wedding days thanks to her sister.

Tina and Mick Norris were married on July 28, 2018, at the same church as her sister.

Tina and Mick met at a party during her freshman year of college at Troy University. The couple were introduced through Katrina and Seth.

“Seth and (Katrina) invited me to a gathering that ATO (Seth and Mick’s fraternity) was hosting,” she said. “They wanted to introduce me to Mick, who had no idea who I was or that I was even coming, but Kat and Seth did a good job at ensuring me that Mick was excited to meet me, too.”

She said she knew of Mick before their meeting and was excited to hear that he wanted to meet her, even though Mick did not actually know she would be there.

“I knew nothing about that and didn’t even know who Tina was until (Katrina and Seth) showed up and introduced me to her,” he said. “We talked all night and the four of us went on our first double date to Waffle House.”

“Sadly, we both were 100 percent tricked by Kat and Seth,” Tina said. “Yes, I was very embarrassed and upset with Kat and Seth, but it turned out that their plan worked out perfectly. Mick and I eventually formally introduced ourselves to each other, and the rest was history.”

Tina said she knew early on in the couple’s relationship that she did not want to live life without Mick because of his character and his respect for others.

“I vividly remember very early on in our relationship, he was on the phone with his mother, who is the most selfless and kind-hearted person I have ever met, and during their conversation, he said ‘yes ma’am’ to her,” she said. “I know this may sound so silly, but my heart absolutely melted. Being around college kids every day, you don’t hear that kind of respect and love come out of people’s mouths. This, to me, spoke volumes about his character and respect for others.”

Mick said he knew immediately that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Tina.

“It was pretty much love at first sight,” he said. “We met that night and hung out the next day and every day since then.”

He proposed to Tina before he finished school at Troy. She had already moved to Mobile to attend physical therapy school.

“The first step was to talk to her parents and ask for their blessing, so one weekend on my way home from visiting Tina in Mobile, I called her dad and asked if I could stop by and talk to him. I’m pretty sure he knew what was coming.”

After getting permission from her parents, a discussion with his roommate led to the idea to a beach proposal. He said he reached out to one of her friends who was with her at a conference in Orange Beach, and the next day, he, his roommate, his sister and mother and Tina’s mother set up the proposal site on the beach.

“When the conference finally ended, my best friend asked if we could walk on the beach for a little before we left,” she said. “She knows I love the beach, so I definitely wasn’t opposed or suspicious.

“We started walking and eventually I spotted a familiar looking figure in the distance. I thought it was Mick, but I had absolutely no idea why he would even be there, so I questioned myself for a split second.

“After that, my best friend took my purse and phone and ran for the hills, so I immediately knew what was happening then. Mick pulled off the biggest surprise, and I had no idea it was coming.”

Tina is also the daughter of Christopher and Zenaida Bokenfohr and the granddaughter of Dudley and Kathy Elston. Mick, from Wetumpka, is the son of Michael & Julie Norris and the grandson of Mary Francis Norris and Warren Ward, and Max and Dana Schrimsher.

The pair also married at St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church, which she called a “home away from home.”

On her wedding day, one of her favorite moments was experiencing Catholic Mass as a married couple. She also enjoyed seeing her husband’s reaction as she walked down the aisle.

“We also did not do a first look, so I was very excited to see Mick for the first time walking down the aisle,” she said. “This was actually Mick’s idea, and he was adamant about not seeing me until I was walking down the aisle. It was precious and a very special moment. I loved seeing him tear up.”

That was Mick’s favorite moment as well.

“The best part of my wedding day was when I saw my beautiful bride walking down the aisle and realized that the day we had waited so long for had finally come,” he said. “I was crying like a baby through the whole ceremony.”

Each sister was involved in the other’s wedding ceremony and planning. Both sisters say there were happy to be a part of both events and were absolutely happy for each other.

“I can’t tell you how many people assumed that Katrina and I would be upset with each other over the engagements and weddings being so close together,” Tina said. “It was actually the exact opposite, we were so thrilled and happy for one another. I even gave her all the contact information for my vendors and she ended up using all the same ones.

“We are best friends and the thought of planning two weddings in one year only excited us,” she said.

“We are absolute best friends, and we literally do everything together,” Katrina said. “It just so happened that we would also be getting married six months apart and helping each other plan our weddings.”

She said it was just a fact that each sister would be a part of the other’s wedding.

“It was all in God’s timing,” Katrina said. “We could not have planned for it to be more perfect. Tina is the absolute best sister, and I love her with everything inside of me. I cannot imagine my life without her.”

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