They met through a mutual friend seven years ago and have been together ever since.

On May 19 Cheyenne Young and Constantine “Dino” Tampary will be married in the Malbis Greek Orthodox Church, one of only six Greek Orthodox churches in the state of Alabama.

The couple chose that church to be married in because of Tampary’s family ties to the area. “Dino’s family was very instrumental in developing the Malbis area of Daphne and numerous members of his family have been married in the Malbis Church,” Young explained. “There’s even a Tampary street there,” she added with a smile.

The daughter of Shawn and Paul Young of Enterprise is a 2010 graduate of Enterprise Prep Academy, a graduate of Huntingdon College in Montgomery and is in her last semester of law school at Jones School of Law at Faulkner University in Montgomery. She will graduate in May.

Tampary is the grandson of Constantine “Connie” and Lynn Tampary of Orange Beach. He is a 2007 graduate of Gulf Shores High School and a graduate of Huntingdon College in Montgomery. He recently started work as an accountant at McDaniel and Associates in Dothan.

“Dino and I met through a mutual friend. We both went to Huntingdon College for undergrad and that’s where we met,” Young said, recounting how their love story began. “My friend told me she knew a guy she thought I would like so she showed me his picture on Facebook and I sent him a friend request.

“We hung out the next night and went on a group date a few days later,” she added. “We’ve been together ever since. March 7 will be seven years that we have been together.” 

After dating for about a half dozen months, Tampary knew that Young was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. “She just completes me,” he said. “There’s a calm in my heart whenever I’m with her.”

Tampary asked Young to be his bride on July 14, 2017, but first he asked her father’s permission. “We were riding in the car together and honestly I was a touch nervous to ask him,” Tampary said about asking longtime prominent Enterprise attorney Paul Young for his only daughter’s hand in marriage. “When I asked for his blessing to marry Cheyenne, Mr. Young said, ‘Nothing would make me happier.’

“I had been making a bigger deal out of asking him in my head,” Tampary said. “And I was thrilled with his answer.”  

“The week before Dino proposed, he told me he wanted us to do something special the next weekend since we would actually be staying in Montgomery,” Young said.  “We decided to go eat at Vintage Year—which is a very nice restaurant we had never been to but always wanted to go to—that Friday. 

“That same afternoon I took an exam for the summer class I was taking and had to rush to get ready for dinner,” she said. “We finally got to the restaurant, walk in and one of my friends from school was working as a hostess so she took us to our table. 

Young said she heard her hostess-friend said, “Here’s your table,” but didn’t see which table was being pointed out so she just kept walking. “I turned around to see if Dino was following me—and he was down on his knee with the ring. 

“My best friend popped out of nowhere to take pictures of the exciting moment and it was the best feeling ever to see him down on one knee,” Young said. “After the excitement died down a little bit, we ordered our food and Dino gave me a new Atlanta Braves T-shirt. 

“Dino told me he had gotten us tickets to the Braves game the next night and had made a reservation at my favorite Italian restaurant,” Young said.

“I was so surprised by the whole weekend he had planned,” she added. “I lovingly refer to it as our ‘Engagement Moon.’

“I knew Dino was ‘the one’ because he could always make me laugh and smile in any situation,” Young said. “He’s been there for me through so many different stages of life and I can’t wait to enter this next stage with him by my side.” 

Young’s engagement ring has a great deal of sentimental meaning to her. “The center stone was actually my mom’s so it’s very special to me that she passed it on and I’ll get to pass it on to my future children as well,” she said.

Shawn Young is very happy with that idea. She rarely wore the diamond, she said, and when Tampary and her daughter began talking about future plans, she offered the stone to him to use as part of an engagement ring.

Shawn Young said she was very clear to Tampary about the fact that her feelings would not be hurt if her daughter preferred a different diamond cut. “But she is my only child so she was going to get the diamond one way or another,” she added with a smile.

The couple will delay planning a honeymoon because the bride begins preparing to take the Alabama State Bar Exam right after the wedding.

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