Order amended in Kountry Kennel case

The City of Enterprise and the owner of Kountry Kennel appeared before 12th Judicial Circuit Judge Henry “Sonny” Reagan on July 30 to request an amendment to his previous order.

The original order on June 4 barred Donna Michelle Lindgren from operating a business involving animals within the City of Enterprise and its police jurisdiction.

The amendment adds that Lindgren is also banned from selling the animals in her possession as well as breeding them and selling the puppies. The amended order allows Lindgren to give away or donate the 17 out of the 19 dogs in her possession to good homes.

All of the dogs are required to be well taken-care of.

The two dogs this amendment does not apply to are Lindgren’s personal service animals.

Reagan said it was his understanding that the two parties reached this agreement outside of the court.

Lindgren was represented by renowned Enterprise attorney Paul Young and the City of Enterprise was represented by Rainer Cotter.

Lindgren was originally arrested by the Enterprise Police Department on May 17 and charged with 2nd degree cruelty to animals after an EPD investigation following a report filed on possible animal cruelty.

The victim reported that they boarded dogs at the kennel from May 8 to May 12 and when the dogs were picked up they were noticeably unwell and could barely walk with one passing away shortly thereafter.

Fort Rucker personnel were banned from using the kennel after the arrest.

On May 31, Reagan issued a temporary restraining order, which ordered the immediate closing of the facility.

The June 4 order was issued after a trial by merits.

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