ESCC starts E-Sports Club

The Enterprise State Community College E-Sports Club practice CounterStrike Global Offensive at one of their meetings. Pictured, from left, are David Malkoff, Gabriel “Bogus” Davis, Club Community Organizer and 2020 ESCC Homecoming Queen Sierra “Rolltide352” Crawford, Louis “LGaming” Epperson, Gabe “redsoldier289” Todd and Ashton “Insanitea” Stout. Pictured, back row, from left, Stephen Coppock, Ethan Cox and Victoria “Cinderalla352” Crawford.

Enterprise State Community College is looking to enter into the world of E-Sports with its newly formed but unofficial E-Sports Club.

Faculty Sponsor Lee Scarborough said that Dean of Instruction Danny Long approached him about the idea of the club last semester.

“I mentioned it to my students and saw there was a definite interest in it,” Scarborough said. “Just by word of mouth we’ve grown the club to over 20 students. It’s a student-lead club.”

He said there is no set timeline yet, but that he hopes the club will eventually grow into a competitive team for the school.

“Right now it’s very casual,” Scarborough said. “It’s been organic in how it has come together. We don’t have teams and aren’t competing. It’s just a group of students that really enjoy gaming, and enjoy getting together with their friends and playing games. We use a Discord sever for our communication, and the students will check in with each other through Discord and hop on a game together from home.”

The club members have been meeting every Tuesday since last semester, taking a break at Christmas, with different members being in charge of bringing of refreshments and snacks.

Right now, the game of focus is CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), a first-person shooter that is played competitively all over the globe. The 2019 major event for the game had a $1 million prize pool.

E-Sports Club Community Organizer and 2020 ESCC Homecoming Queen Sierra Crawford said that the plan is to have multiple in-club competitions to eventually determine who will represent the club when they are ready to compete.

“We normally group up into teams, sometimes randomly, but then I’m also paying attention to what each player is doing and who’s the best,” Crawford said. “I’m doing this to see who’s good to pair them up into teams for club competitions.”

She said that CS: GO, Call of Duty and any other popular first-person shooter games that are prevalent in E-Sports will be the focus of the club.

The club is all freshmen at the school except for two Slocomb High School dual enrollment students that drive up to be a part of the club.

Both expressed that the club made the school feel “more welcoming.”

Louis Epperson said the club will also help him if he decides to attend ESCC.

“I can ask them (members who are ESCC students) ‘What’s this like?’ or ‘What’s that like?’” Epperson said. “Then they explain to me what it’s like and how it’s not too much different, especially at ESCC who try and make it feel like as close to home as possible.”

Scarborough said he believed the team could be attractive to possible future students such as Epperson.

“If it continues to grow and we kind of shape it and build it into a competitive team, it would definitely be an attractive quality for prospective students,” Scarborough said. “But even right now in its infancy I think it’s attractive in that it’s just a place to come and hang out and play games and enjoy your time (on campus).”

He said he’s enjoyed seeing the club grow and is excited for its future.

“I’ve really enjoyed seeing it all come together, mostly due to the students,”  Scarborough said. “It’s their club and they’re taking it at their own pace. They’re a great group, they work well together and create a fun environment. It’s a club that welcomes anyone. If you like to play video games, PC or console, there’s a place for you here. I think ultimately we do have desires to make it official, form teams, and compete. But right now we’re just enjoying each others' company and having fun."

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