Local agencies partner for new dispatch procedures

The Coffee County EMA, Elba Police Department, Coffee County Sheriff’s Office, New Brockton Police Department and Kinston Police Department will be partnering to test new dispatch procedures for the towns of New Brockton and Kinston.

 “Police from New Brockton and Kinston will now be dispatched through Elba Police Department dispatch center,” said EMA Director James Brown. “We are asking citizens in these towns to understand that if they call their police departments it will be picked up by an Elba dispatcher for sending a responding officer.”

Brown said that previous to this change, the New Brockton and Kinston Police Departments were “self-dispatched,” which led to some problems.

“The problem was they had nobody to monitor them, if they got into trouble and weren’t able to radio their location then other responders wouldn’t know where they were in order to provide assistance,” Brown said.

He explained that the new procedure would allow the Elba dispatch to receive and monitor all calls, which allows the dispatch to complete security checks, track officer location and ensure the officers’ safety.

“We have unprecedented cooperation between all our first responders in Coffee County and all participants were immediately onboard for this new officer safety initiative,” Brown said.

The radio frequency is also monitored by CCSO sheriff’s deputies, which provides even more officer safety and backup, according to Brown.

Citizens are asked to only call the New Brockton and Kinston Police Departments with legitimate police concerns.

In emergency situations, residents will still dial 911.

For routine police concerns and response, call the New Brockton Police Department dispatch number at (334) 894-5559. For all other concerns in New Brockton, call either the Town Hall at (334) 894-5283 or the Water Department at (334) 894-5550.

For routine police concerns and response in Kinston, the Kinston Police Department can be reached at (334) 565-3114. For all other concerns, Kinston Town Hall can be contacted at (334) 565-3188.    

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