Members of Flowers Hospital’s scrub technician program visited Enterprise High School health sciences students on Aug. 13.

“The kids love it,” said EHS health science teacher Valerie Robertson. “It’s one of their favorite things they do all year.”

Students were able to perform simulated laparoscopic surgery, try to correctly insert a tracheal tube, learn about knee replacements and other things from the tables that the technicians set up in the multipurpose room.

“It gives them an opportunity to be hands on—they get to touch things, feel things and actually experience some of the things of what it would be like to be in the medical field,” Robertson said.

She said that the yearly visit from Flowers gives students a view of different careers in the healthcare profession.

“It gives them an opportunity to see different aspects of healthcare,” Robertson said. “Mainly what they’re seeing today are things that would be done in an O.R. (operating room), but there are several different jobs in an O.R. So they’re getting exposed to the different jobs that can be done in a hospital or in an O.R. and just different careers.”

One of the student surgical technicians to visit was Faith Christianson, a former EHS Wildcat. She said that she’s happy to have the opportunity to return and help other health sciences students.

“I was really excited when they told me we were going to Enterprise (High School),” Christianson said. “I am an alumnus here so it’s really important for me to come back and talk to kids that are doing this because I remember like this and not knowing what I wanted to do.”

She said her time at EHS helped her get to where she is now.

“My entire high school career, ninth through 12th grade, I took nothing but health science classes,” Christianson said. “I really geared all of my courses towards that and it really did help me—every single aspect of it whether it was labs or just like bookwork or little things we did. Everything we did helped me.”

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